LA County Board of Supervisors Voted on Ballot Measure to Oust Elected Sheriff From Office

According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a ballot measure that would allow Sheriff Alex Villanueva to be removed from office.

This is exactly the opposite of what Democratic politicians are preaching today: “Restoring, strengthening our democracy.” Democracy is, by definition, a form of government that is dependent on the will and determination of the people. One person, one vote. Despite Democrats campaigning for “preserving democracy”, it seems that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors does not believe democracy is important.

The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to draft the ballot measure in order to have the potential power to remove Sheriff Villanueva and appoint a Sheriff of its choosing. Kathryn Barger (the lone centrist Republican and common-sense Supervisor) was the only one to vote against this measure. These same four people voted for the measure and also voted to fund police. Barger was the only person to refuse to defund the police. The Supervisors now want to eliminate Villanueva from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Supervisor Barger stated this about today’s vote:

“This Charter Amendment proposal sets a dangerous precedent and creates an easy path for the Board of Supervisors to override the will of voters. As in all California counties, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County is a constitutionally elected office, elected democratically every four years. The current Sheriff is just four months away from being elected, so the timing of the action appears highly political.

She continued:

“Promoting Accountability & Community Safety Through Check & Balances” is the Board’s goal. This action should be taken by all County elected officials, including the Assessor, District Attorney, and Supervisors. A Charter Amendment that is focused on one office will undermine the credibility of the Board as well as its intentions.

Barger is correct. This rule does not apply to Sheriff Villanueva. This is especially true when George Gascon, disgraced DA, has made it impossible for police and law enforcement to enforce the rule by allowing criminals to return to the streets to continue their crimes. In November, voters will decide whether Gascon should resign. This is the essence of democracy. However, Villanueva’s removal from office shows that the Supervisors, Barger aside, don’t believe in democracy.

Barger concluded:

“I am concerned that this Board action today dilutes voters’ voices in Los Angeles County and increases voter apathy.”

Sheriff Villaneuva replied to the Board of Supervisors

Villaneuva has been threatened several times. Jennifer Van Laar, RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar, reported that a gang member tried to kill two Los Angeles County, Sheriffs.

We reported recently that Sheriff Villanueva stated that the LASD had received “criminal threats against the lives of the deputies,” making it clear that there is an ongoing war on law enforcement and police. Police officers are tireless in protecting the citizens every day. We should show our appreciation.

Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Vote for department improvements if you believe it needs them. This is what democracy is all for. Los Angeles voters must vote yes to this measure or they will lose the chance to elect a sheriff. If Villanueva wins and the measure passes in November, the Board of Supervisors will oust him from office. Los Angeles citizens should vote against the proposal and preserve democracy.