Former Obama Doc Reveals Angry Email He Got From Obama After Raising Biden’s Cognitive Issues

Rep. Ronny Jackson (Republican Texas) is currently reviewing an angry letter that he received from former President Barack Obama. Jackson had raised concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive health during the 2020 campaign.

Jackson was also the White House physician of George W. Bush and Obama.

Jackson said that he was able to see the issues through his campaign with Biden and tweeted about them.

Jackson recalls Biden being on TV again, making bizarre statements about mental issues and making a bunch of other embarrassing mistakes. Jackson recalls that Biden was on TV again, making bizarre statements and making concerning mental gaffes. [….]

Jackson stated in his book, that Trump had never made the same crazy statements that Biden had almost every day. “But these people were jumping up, ‘He isn’t fit to be president; he must pass a cognitive test!”

Biden was running in 2020 for Congress when Jackson was also running. Biden was very upset by the media’s inattention to Biden’s cognitive frailty. It was a success! ! Scary! ! ”

In just minutes, Barack Obama sent Jackson a furious email.

“I have tried to avoid commenting on your service in the administration for my successor but have always spoken highly of you both privately and publicly. My family and I consider you not only a great physician and service member but also a friend. ”

“That’s why I must express my dismay about your tweet regarding Joe Biden”. Obama stated that he expected better from you and that he would be expecting more of him in the future.

Obama knew that Biden was being portrayed as the “return of norms”, the more moderate, older “moderate”. This statement, from an ex-White House doctor, was not to be taken lightly. It could damage the Democrats’ attempts to take power.

Jackson said that Obama’s friendship was strained because he didn’t respond to his angry mail.

“It’s awfully ironic now, considering [Biden’s mental fitness] is all anyone, including the liberal media, can talk about,” Jackson told Fox News Digital.

It should be noted that the White House physician was the first to announce that the man is suffering from serious cognitive decline. He won’t survive the four years he has been in office. Jackson stated that Joe Biden’s cognitive issues are obvious for all to see.

Finally, the NY Times is even acknowledging there are issues and that the White House is scrambling to try to deal with them — everything from trying to wall off the press when they don’t want questions to watching out for Biden when he walks because of his shuffling gate. Now we see things like him losing it on a reporter and denying all reality at the White House picnic. But it’s too late now and it hurt the whole country that Obama, the Democrats, and the media were so concentrated on Democratic power that they weren’t honest before or focused on what was best for America.