Senior Moments and Awkwardness From Joe Biden at White House Event

Recently, I have tried to avoid writing about Joe Biden’s mental problems. This is not to say that I think Joe Biden isn’t senile, or that such a fact doesn’t make news. Although I believe the man’s mind is fried, at some point I feel like I’m telling you that the sky is blue.

Some days, however, he can just get so overwhelmed by the same event that it is impossible to ignore. Thursday was one such day when Joe and Jill Biden welcomed the wife of Mexico’s president to the White House for Cinco de Mayo. In a matter of minutes, the US president gave a series of senior moments.

First, he didn’t realize that the woman he was hosting wasn’t actually the President of Mexico. This was not a joke. You can see that he is serious and doesn’t laugh often. He didn’t know.

Perhaps my standards are too high but I think the President should be able to tell the difference between a head and their spouse. We are here again, with Biden mixing up titles and names, something he has done since his 2020 campaign. It’s like your grandpa living in a nursing facility.

Biden was also unable to recognize his granddaughter despite her being right in front. This was another typical occurrence. Jill Biden had the nerve to step in.

A related point: Hunter Biden wrote an email to Naomi complaining that he had to give half of his corruptly-gained earnings to Joe Biden. It’s not surprising that the president would have difficulty recognizing the grandchildren he has, as he has lost count of how many he has over the past two years. It’s possible that some “fact-checker”, will counter this by claiming it was an honest error, but Jill Biden may be pointing out that he should not have seen her.

Without his brain breaking down at least once, what Biden event is complete? He is making a point about Spanish-speaking children.

First, let me point out that he is wrong on the merits. According to the latest statistics, bilingual students make up 22.6 percent of all students. However, this includes any language other than English and not just Spanish. The real number of Spanish-speaking children is likely to be in the teens, given that. It is a high number, no doubt. But it is not 25 out of 100 children, as the president claims.

But, I don’t know what he is trying to say at this point. He will “conquer, honor and lift up those who have gotten in his way.” These are contradictory, right? Who has stopped children from learning Spanish? Because we all know that there is no real answer, I pose the question rhetorically. It’s just Biden being Biden.

Biden also made a joke about his relationship with a teacher.

That’s a bit of a problem to watch. That joke has been used before and it has never worked. He can’t help but laugh at his anti-gun joke about deer wearing Kevlar vests. The president isn’t all there. These instances are not uncommon for Biden, but it doesn’t make them any less troubling.