The Reason for the Special White House Stage for Joe Biden Is Finally Unveiled

A fascinating question has been hovering around Joe Biden’s White House for months: Why did his staff build a stage in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building near the West Wing, instead of just filming him from the Oval Office?

We had some thoughts and we speculated that Joe Biden’s deficits made it too difficult and too expensive to rebuild the Oval Office with Teleprompters so that Joe Biden could see his words at all times. It wasn’t Trump. Joe Biden was the one who needed this help.

Based on Joe’s obvious problems that were apparent, this was a reasonable guess.

These thoughts were confirmed by a Politico article on a possible match between Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump in 2024. Biden is now “permanently” in need of a teleprompter.

From Politico: The White House has mostly dropped the Oval Office as a venue to host press events. The Oval Office is not permanently equipped with a teleprompter. Biden’s aides instead prefer the fake White House stage at the Old Executive Office Building. They trade some historical background for a room that has a clear teleprompter screen, and a more sterile area.

Now they admit that they don’t have enough gear to fit in the Oval Office. Joe Biden is needed for his constant support.

They all experience it, and it is not unusual for them to do so on the road. He may be confused, but he also doesn’t seem able to see the message.

Here’s a picture of Joe against the teleprompter earlier this week. Eventually, the teleprompter won.

They are unable to control the White House and the roads, making it more difficult. Their options are limited.