Dr. Oz Opponent Eviscerates Him at Senate Primary Debate

I was not shy about my disapproval when Donald Trump endorsed long-time liberal and TV talk head Dr. Mehmet O in the Republican Senate Primary in Pennsylvania. Many other conservatives, even many who are pro-Trump, were also dissatisfied.

However, while I received a majority of responses to my original article, they agreed that Oz was a horrible choice. The concern was that David McCormick was the alternative, which is a rich, cookie-cutter establishment Republican, much like Kelly Loeffler.

Good news! Especially if you are in Pennsylvania and have the opportunity to vote in this primary. You don’t need to vote for McCormick or a left-winger such as Oz. There is an alternative. Kathy Barnette is her name and she stole Wednesday night’s primary debate. She vilified Oz while advocating a conservative platform.

This is a viral exchange about abortion.

Oz, who had been defending Roe V. Wade for many years, has made a complete turn on abortion in the past few months. However, unlike Trump who slowly came to his current pro-life stance over several years, there is no reason to believe Oz does anything other than being politically expedient. This is the same man who pro-BLM rhetoric and once lectured his audience about not accepting the “transitioning of children”.

Barnette’s story about being born after her mother was abducted is powerful. It shows the difference between people who believe in sanctity and those who want to be friends with Chuck Schumer.

However, I found the exchange to be very compelling. There was another that I believe will make many conservatives, particularly those with populist leanings, very happy.

Barnette really speaks my language. The World Economic Forum is a globalist grift in that ultra-wealthy individuals, business leaders, and far-left politicians gather to plot their global dominance. Their conferences have seen some of the most bizarre things possible, including the promotion that people “own nothing” and the support for COVID lockdowns to create a better society.

The WEF is a bad example of corporate tyranny and global governance. McCormick and Oz have long-standing ties with the organization. Barnette showed up at the organization ready to strike on these connections, which was a smart move.

Why in the world would Trump endorse Oz? Trump endorses a man who was a member of the WEF. This is the former president’s whole thing. It’s mind-blowing.

I digress. Barnette is currently at five points behind McCormick in the latest poll. She isn’t a fringe candidate without a chance. Barnette’s popularity has increased recently, so there is every reason to believe that she will be a viable candidate in the primary election. This means that there’s no reason for Trump supporters or any conservative to vote for Oz. It’d be foolish to not choose another route.