Sen. Kennedy: Democrats’ Supreme Court ‘Ethics Reform’ Attempts Are a Sham

I am not in favor of age restrictions for Congress members because Sen. John Kennedy, R-La. In a few months, he will turn 72, and he is still sharp as a pin. He is also a national treasure.

Kennedy, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has spent a great deal of time in interviews countering these attacks. He gives voters a glimpse of what is really happening behind the scenes with the Dems and what it means if they succeed in their smear campaign against conservative Justices.

Kennedy was on Fox News recently to discuss the “sham Supreme Court ethics reform” attempts coming from people like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. He nailed the core of these efforts. Kennedy also compared his colleagues to petulant teenagers who aren’t getting their way.

“I simply believe that under the Separation of Powers Doctrine, Congress cannot regulate the internal matters of the Court. Neil, I believe that I can also put it this way: Congress is like high school, except no one graduates. Congress can be like high school – except that no one ever graduates.”

“There are members of Congress that if you do something they don’t like they will try to hurt you. And I’m not saying this is true of all of my colleagues. But I believe that for many of my colleagues, this legislation is not about ethics. It’s about the Dobbs case and abortion, and Biden v. Nebraska and student debt, and it’s about no racial quotas in admissions.”

“I believe that some of my co-workers are angry with the Supreme Court. They want to hurt the Court. That’s why, if they had the power, they would have expanded the Court. They can’t, so they’ll try to destroy the Court from within. “That’s my opinion.”

Kennedy continued to say that he had read the Supreme Court’s current code and was in agreement with it.

“I read the code and I believe it is a good code. You’re also supposed to disclose a costly trip. “Sometimes, Justices haven’t done this, but when they were called to attention, they filed amended disclosures.”

We’re supposed to disclose this sort of information as members of Congress. It happens every time. I always do it but, if I forget, which I have done a few times, I submit an amended disclosure. If you ask me if I believe that members of the United States Supreme Court are or could be bought with a vacation the short answer would be ‘no,’ while the long answer would be ‘hell no’, in my opinion.


My final thoughts are based on what a colleague said recently:

Kennedy has a strong hold on the Louisiana voters. He is so popular that a threat to run for governor will keep others out of the race until he confirms he won’t. Kennedy will hold that position in Washington, D.C. until he retires and not before.