DeSantis Slashes Presidential Campaign Staff by 33%

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis let go of 38 people working on his Presidential campaign in 2024. Around one-third of his staff was let go on July 25, as DeSantis continues to be far behind former President Donald Trump. Ten people who announced their departures several weeks prior to the new round were included in this reduction.

DeSantis has run his campaign so far in March, in the sense that he started the campaign as a lion and is now running it like a lamb. DeSantis, according to most available measures, should appeal to conservatives of all stripes, except for the most strident element “give us Trump, or give us death”. Yet, his message not only fails to reach the general public but also fails to have a positive impact on the conservative community.

DeSantis is a man who the mainstream media despises and fears, so they do everything in their power to keep him off the front burner. Trump’s larger-than-life presence and star power have also sucked almost all the oxygen from the Republican primary process so far. Trump has also targeted DeSantis more than Joe Biden. DeSantis isn’t resonating with voters as expected, despite the fact that it is widely known in conservative circles who are more likely to vote in primaries.

It is also worth mentioning that DeSantis’ supporters do not need to panic. As of the date this article was written, the Iowa Caucuses are still 173 days away. The first Republican presidential debate is 28 days away. The debate is not going to matter much unless someone smokes or chokes. Only the most ardent political junkies are likely to pay attention. Trump has also hinted that he will skip the debate. This would guarantee minimal viewers. DeSantis is more than enough time to get his campaign started by promoting his record and reaching out to potential voters.

DeSantis has an impressive record as governor, including a news item from a few months ago that was surprisingly overlooked. DeSantis stated on July 20 that he had requested Florida State Board of Administration Interim Director Lamar Taylor to investigate whether Anheuser-Busch InBev failed to fulfill its fiduciary duties to shareholders. Florida has $53M in Anheuser-Busch InBev shares, which is.0294 of Florida’s estimated $180B pension fund.

Anheuser-Busch InBev continues to spiral downward due to its stubborn refusal to accept reality. Whether a state-led investigation is warranted, however, is up for debate. Shareholders have two options if a company decides to commit suicide financially for whatever reason. The shareholders can demand that the heads of the company whose bad decisions led to the downfall or even the utter failure of the business being handed over on a plate. They can also dump the stock, and accept the loss that comes along with it. This is better than a total wipeout if the company fails. The shareholders will prefer this option if they believe the company is able to recover. If the efforts are successful, not only will the shareholders not lose any money, but also stand to benefit from the performance of the stock following the turnaround. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which has so far shown no willingness or ability to understand the way it destroys its brand by refusing to repudiate and disown its relationship with Dylan Mulvaney, is this company worth investigating? Is it time to run away?

No, Ron DeSantis’ campaign for president is not at risk of disintegrating even before the first ballot has been cast. However, it is important to improve performance immediately.