Republicans and Some Democrats Agree That Joe Biden Should Step Down

It is rare to find agreement in a nation so divided on political issues as ours. It is even rarer when the reasons for agreement are the same. There is a growing consensus among Republicans and Democrats that Joe Biden should leave office. Most people point to his age and the fact that God forbid, he will be 86 at the end of a second term. What if Joe Biden, for whatever reasons, decides to stop his presidential campaign in 2024? What happens if Jill takes Joe Biden’s hand and leads him off into the sunset?

Many Biden supporters would consider this a bad thing because they think that Biden will beat Donald Trump again in a rematch from 2020. But don’t get too excited – the conditions in 2024 are not exactly the same as those of 2020. Harvard-Harris has Trump ahead by 5 points while Rasmussen is six points behind. Joe Biden has a track record that he can run on. While Democrats tell you, through rose-colored lenses, “Don’t trust your lying eyes,” Americans are all too familiar with Biden’s history because they experience it every day. Joe Biden has a record of high inflation for 40 years, a never-ending stream of illegal immigrants, and rising crime rates. No matter how hard Democrats try to blame Trump. Add to this the fact that many states have banned ballot drop boxes, and changed election laws. No one can blame Democrats at this point for weighing all their options.

If Joe Biden is forced to leave the race between Election Day and Inauguration Day then Vice President Kamala Harris will be left. Self-described Democrat columnist The Hill even asks if she can lead the country. The majority of Democrats are too afraid to answer that question. Would Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority leader, block President Harris’s choice for Vice President if Republicans were to win control of the Senate? If you answered yes, then we may have to retract a third of the negative things we said about Harris.

Will Joe Biden be able to handle the third-party candidates? Trump running as an independent is not likely, but some have speculated. Trump would have to overcome many obstacles before he could run as an independent in multiple states. There are also “sore losers” laws that make it very difficult or impossible for a candidate to run in a third party if they’ve lost their own party’s nomination.

The Hill’s speculation is the best and most interesting. They suggest names such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, and popular blue state governors like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Maryland. Wait, what? California Governor Gavin Newsom is not mentioned in Democrat speculation about a possible Joe Biden successor. Gavin Newsom, by name? Could it be Newsom has measured the drapes prematurely in the Oval Office? This is a possibility as there’s no mention of Newsom right next to Kamala. This could be a sign not all Democrats have jumped on the Newsom bandwagon.

According to The Hill “think about Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.” Yeah, we’d prefer not. It would be incomplete without a list of qualified minority candidates. There are names like Sen. Raphael Warnock, (D) Georgia, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffreys (D), and even Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas. Who are we trying to convince that the Democrats have a deep bench? Pete Buttigieg is the next name on this list.

The Hill reported that Joe Biden would be a patriot if he passed the baton on to the next generation. This could indicate there are Democrats ready to send Joe out the door.