Biden Admin. Caught Red-Handed in Cover-Up of Hunter Biden Business Dealings

When the Biden team is caught saying things that aren’t true, you have to give them credit.

They certainly have a lot more gall than most.

They just change their response and claim that’s what they always said. As Orwell wrote, Oceania was always at war with East Asia.

Devon Archer’s former business associate, Hunter Biden, was expected to speak with the House Oversight Committee on July 31. He will be expected to list at least 24 instances in which Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Devon Archer communicated with each other during business meetings. This includes Joe being placed on speakerphone.

This added to the evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement with the family scandal involving foreign deals. It would also prove that Joe Biden lied when he claimed that he did not talk to his son regarding his business dealings.

Biden’s response here is a direct reply to a claim that he was in a picture with Devon Archer – Hunter’s partner – yet he claimed he had never spoken with Hunter about his business.

Archer will now blow this up in his testimony before the House.

When a reporter asked White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre if Joe Biden still stood by his statement that he never spoke to his son about business, Jean Pierre had an amazing response.

I’ve heard this question a thousand times. The answer will not change. Jean-Pierre affirmed, “The answer is the same.” Joe Biden “never did business with his son.”

Yet, her answer has changed. Because that hasn’t been her answer. Her answer previously was that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings, not that he was “never in business with his son.” Even when she was asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy if that was true, then why is there audio of Joe Biden doing exactly that, she still repeated she stood by her comment that Biden had never spoken to his son.

It’s a way to deny reality, hoping that no one will notice. Unfortunately, we notice.

Biden’s team has now changed their answer to “never in business”, as there is so much evidence to show that Biden’s previous statement about not talking to his son about business was not true. The team has had to change tactics and back away from their previous statement. They changed it to “he has always claimed he never did business with his son” and then insisted that this is what they have always said. This shows that they don’t respect the American people and think they can get by with anything. The Biden team claims that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and they want you to believe them.