Man Found Dead in Water Near Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Estate

A joint-agency team located the body of a black man, 43 years old, shortly before 10 am Monday morning. The search was prompted by a call received at 7:46 pm Sunday from 79 Turkeyland Cove Road — President Barack Obama’s estate.

According to a Massachusetts State Police press release, the body of the man was found 100 feet away from the shore and at a depth between eight and ten feet.

The release stated that Massachusetts Environmental Police officers used side-scan to search the depths of a boat. A companion was paddling boarding with the man when he saw him enter the water and struggle to stay at the surface. He then went underwater without returning.

The incident is not directly connected to the Obamas, but the companion could have sought help at the closest house – the Obama estate.

Obama has yet to make a public statement.

The Obamas purchased a home and land worth $18 million on the island’s wealthy enclave, with 30 acres of waterfront on the pond.

The brackish pond is the home of otters, eels, waterfowl, and other wildlife.

The joint-agency search team included Massachusetts State Police, Dukes County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Coast personnel, and local fire department divers.

Edgartown Police Department and state police detectives are investigating the fatality.