Search for Alleged Colorado School Shooter Has Ended as Cops Make Horrendous Discovery

A coroner confirmed that the suspect in the shooting at a Colorado high school has been killed.

A 17-year-old student was found dead in the woods next to an abandoned car. He is accused of attacking two East High School administrators on Wednesday in Denver.

According to The Associated Press, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw stated that the body was found Wednesday near the car of the student in a remote mountain area 50 miles southwest of Denver.

The town was ordered to stay put while officers from several agencies, including the FBI, searched the forest.

Denver police identified the suspect in the case as Austin Lyle (17 years old) and shared photos of Lyle and his car, a 2005 Volvo XC90.

He was wanted on suspicion of attempted murder.

The Park County Coroner’s Office released a statement on Facebook confirming that it could confirm the identity of the deceased found last night at Park County Rd 68 as Austin Lyle, who was born in 2005.

The coroner’s office stated that Mr. Lyles and his next of kin had been notified about the positive identification. “The Park County Coroner’s Office is continuing to investigate the death and will not have any further details until an autopsy has been completed.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock stated Wednesday that one of the administrators who was shot was recovering in a hospital. The other was able to talk and give statements about what happened. This was before the controlled release of students to their parents outside the building.

“Nothing can surpass the safety of our young students in this building, and the faculty staff. Hancock stated that they feel for them now. “As a parent, I can assure you that this shouldn’t be a concern for parents, regardless of whether their children are safe in their home.”

According to the mayor, one student was taken to the hospital for an allergic reaction that wasn’t related to the shooting. Paramedics were also present in the building at the moment.

Lyle was subject to a search Wednesday morning in accordance with a safety protocol. According to Denver police Chief Ron Thomas, several shots were fired at the administrators. The student fled the school and police launched an investigation.

Alex Marrero, Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, stated that East High School will not be in session for the remainder of the week.

He said that two armed officers would be stationed at the school for the rest of the school year.

Marrero stated in Spanish that Lyle was the first person to have been received by the school from another district in January.

Thomas stated that Lyle had been searched previously and that there was a safety agreement in place. Lyle pulled out a gun and fired shots during Wednesday’s search, which took place in the front office, away from any other students.