Wife of Lotus Drummer Speaks Out After Husband, Son Disappear on Kayaking Trip

Chuck Morris’ wife believes that her husband and son drowned after they vanished kayaking on an Arkansas lake last Wednesday.

The 47-year-old percussionist and their 20-year-old son, Charlie, went kayaking on Beaver Lake on March 16. The cold and choppy conditions on the water were “for all intents and purposes a perfect storm for drowning,” wife and mother Jennifer Thompson told ABC News.

Thompson said, “What saved me from the beginning was that they died together; It was them together. ”

She recalled how her family thought it would be a good idea for Morris and Charlie to go kayaking before the storms struck while she was out of town with their daughter. However, when she returned home the men had disappeared.

Thompson said that her husband and son initially seemed to be having fun, but she then went into crisis mode. She called the police for help.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office immediately started a search for the father/son. FOX31 Denver reported the officials found a coat, two kayaks, and no signs of Morris or Charlie.

Thompson said that officials believe that one man fell into the water and began struggling under his wet clothes. Thompson stated that Thompson believed that one man fell into the water and struggled to breathe. Thompson said that another man helped him.

The band announced via Twitter on Tuesday that Morris’ search is now over.

The band stated, “We all hoped that a miracle would happen but at this stage, the search for Chuck or Charley has progressed towards a recovery. “There is a probable location on the lake with the assistance of K9 teams. However, the recovery has not been successful due to logistical issues such as temperature, weather, and depth. ”

The band didn’t say how long it would take for them to recover.

According to the band’s website, they just finished a five-week-long touring tour. Their next tour date is March 31st in Florida.

Luke Miller was a bandmate and said that even though the band may need to stop after the incident, they would continue playing in Morris’ honor.