Schumer Admits Dems in Deep Trouble for Georgia Senate Seat, Here’s the Evidence That Proves It

We previously reported on a hot mic moment between Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, and Joe Biden about the midterms. It was quite revealing. He believed that Democrats had not lost too much in the terrible Senate debate in Pennsylvania. We are not certain which polls he is looking at, but Oz is currently ahead of Fetterman. There may not be enough reaction to the debate yet. Perhaps Schumer is happy Fetterman has support after the terrible debate. It looks like they will lose in Pennsylvania.

What was most interesting was Schumer’s view on the Senate race for Georgia.

“Georgia is the state that’s going downhill. Schumer stated that it was hard to believe they would go for Herschelwalker.

One would assume that Schumer is looking at internal polls. It seems like they are in deep trouble considering the efforts they have made to defeat Walker in that race, if Chuck is correct.

This is not the only proof. Rasmussen has released a poll that shows Walker is up by 5 points.

Rasmussen Reports has Walker up at 48 percent, compared to Sen. Raphael Warnock’s 43 percent. Four percent indicated they would like to be with other people and four percent were undecided.

This is with more than a thousand people surveyed and well beyond the margin for error. This is a good result for Walker considering that his race has been the most competitive. Democrats have tried to throw everything at him. If this poll is correct, it would indicate that abortion stories aren’t having the impact that Democrats want.

A run-off would take place if no one in Georgia gets more than 50 percent. If the Rasmussen poll proves accurate, Walker needs only half the undecideds in order to reach 50 percent. Warnock still would need votes from somewhere to win, even if all the undecideds were accounted for.

In the poll, Walker appears to have the edge with the independents.

Walker’s advantage is due in large part to his 14 point margin with independent voters. Seventy-seven per cent (77%) Georgia Republican voters would vote to elect Walker, and 81% would vote for Warnock. However, Walker is leading 49% to 35% among those not affiliated with any major party.

There are also a few other indicators that could help Walker. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp leads Stacey Abrams’ race by 10 points, 51 percent to 41 percent. This poll shows that if voters could vote now, 47% would vote for Donald Trump, and 39% for Joe Biden. That would be considered a blowout.

According to RealClearPolitics, Walker leads by an average 0.6 percent in all major polls. Daily Wire/Trafalgar shows Walker leading by 2 points. A poll that is not part of the RCP assessment, the co-efficient group poll, has Walker leading by 3 points with a D+2 sampling (so it could be higher). Although Rasmussen’s poll is a bit higher than the others, it still shows Walker up.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Republicans will hold the seats they need and could pick up Nevada, Arizona, Georgia. It’s possible they could have a chance in New Hampshire now, which would be amazing.

It’s no wonder Schumer is having a bit too much trouble.