Police Dispatch Audio Concerning Attacker at Pelosi’s Home

More information is available about the case surrounding the attack on Paul Pelosi’s San Francisco home.

Demian Bulwa, Director of News at the San Francisco Chronicle posted links to audio calls made to police about the incident. Bulwa claims that the suspect claimed he was waiting for Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) at the house. Paul Pelosi is referred to as “RP”.

The audio states that RP said there was a male in the house and that he would wait for his wife. “RP said that he didn’t know the identity of the male, but he suggested that he knew his name was David and that he was a friend.”

Now here’s that audio. It also notes that “RP sounds confused.” When you click on this it takes you to a page of audio clips. If you hit autoplay at the bottom of the page, you can hear the clip.

He says the guy is his friend, but then he also claims he doesn’t know who he is. Yes, that does sound confusing. Perhaps he was referring to the guy as a friend.

One has to wonder what is going on. This bizarre attack also needs to be explained.

We noted that David DePape had a troubling past history, which seemed to indicate that David was unwell. He also allegedly posted wildly wild social media posts.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R.Illinois) is already trying to blame Republicans for this. Kinzinger and others like him have no shame and are desperate in the run-up to the midterms.

Pelosi, who was struck with a hammer by the police after arriving, had to have surgery for a fractured skull.