Paul Pelosi Expected to Make Full Recovery After Skull Surgery, Biden Blames Too Much Vitriol

Intruders attacked Paul, Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi with a hammer in the early hours of Friday morning. After being discharged from surgery on Friday afternoon, he is expected to fully recover. Drew Hammill, Mrs. Pelosi’s spokesperson, stated that “doctors had successfully repaired a skull fracture as well as other serious injuries. ”

Mr. Pelosi was taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. He had successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and suffered serious injuries to his right hand.

“The Speaker’s family and friends are grateful for the support they received from constituents and friends all across the country.”

Nancy Pelosi is said to be by his side. Paul was admitted earlier in the day to San Francisco’s Zuckerberg Hospital. The 82-year-old had been previously treated for facial injuries. Secret Service agents were stationed at the hospital as he was being treated.

We reported that David DePape, a 42-year-old man, attacked Mr. Pelosi at his home. Nick Arama reports on DePape’s history of bizarre social media posts. However, no motive has been established.

There are strong claims that DePape’s account contains many wild posts. However, I have not seen any photos of DePape. This account had his name on it. However, these posts showed someone posting insane things about COVID and other issues.

CNN reports that a blog by Daviddepape contained “antisemitic screeds,” and QAnon-linked material. Fox reported that DePape had ties to a radical nudist activist, whatever that may mean. This is however disputed by news outlets. However, the local Fox affiliate in San Francisco claims that they discovered an anti-government manifesto with a list of targets.

It is obvious that the story is always changing. Until all facts are known, people should stop making statements about the past or what they mean.

DePape was treated by police officers who responded to the incident. DePape was also taken to Zuckerberg Hospital by the police who responded to the situation.

Although police have spoken with the suspect, no motive or clear-cut ideology has been revealed. CNN reports that he said:

This is a shameful act. America can be dangerous. Biden spoke at a Philadelphia fundraising dinner Friday, saying that there is too much violence and politics.

He claimed that the intruder used the exact same chant to get into Pelosi’s home — “Where is Nancy?” During the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol.

We can’t tell the motive of the attacker until they speak. It is risky to speculate by people who should know.