Sara Gonzales Pointedly Rejects President Joe Biden’s Gun-Control Agenda

Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV’s host, responded to President Joe Biden’s gun control campaign with a sharp response: “Come take it, Joe.”

She said she was at a shooting range to improve her skills. She posted a video of her firing a few shots, as well as an image of the target that she used during the session.

While Dictator Biden told an audience that we should ban AR-15s I was sharpening my abilities at the range. “Come and take it Joe,” Gonzales replied, adding a flag emoji.

One person responded to her tweet by saying, “You enjoy killing people?”

If they pose a threat to the physical safety of my family, then yes. Absolutely,” Gonzales replied.

What do you want to use the gun for? Someone else asked.

Gonzales responded, “Because we exist.”

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris received criticism on social media for a tweet where she stated that “weapons and war have no right to be on the streets of civil society.” She also called on Congress to pass “an assault weapon ban.”

Your bodyguards and dozens of “civil” agencies such as the USDA, US Dept. The EPA and the Dept. of Ed. possess the guns you call weapons of war. Thomas Massie, Republican Rep. of Kentucky, responded to Vice President Obama by tweeting: “The reality is that you want all citizens disarmed and each government agency armed.”