Multiple People Injured When Baltimore Bus Collides With 2 Vehicles, Occupied Building

According to the Baltimore City Fire Department, multiple people were injured when a bus collided with two cars and a building that was occupied on Saturday morning.

According to BCFD, none of the patients suffered life-threatening injuries. The status was updated to “Mass Casualty Level 1 incident” by an Incident Commander because 16 patients needed evaluation, care and transport.

While the BCFD Special Rescue Operations and Collapse Unit evaluated the situation, the occupied structure – reportedly an apartment complex – was evacuated.

They condemned the first-floor. Kevin Cartwright, Assistant Fire Chief and Spokesperson for the Baltimore Sun, said that we conducted a partial evacuation during our assessment.

WJZ reported that the number of injured patients initially reported by BCFD as 16 was increased to “at least” 17. The bus driver received treatment on the spot. Cartwright, CNN reported, said that he and 16 other injured persons were transported to hospital.

The Baltimore Police Department forwarded questions from TheBlaze on to MTA Police. TheBlaze contacted MTA Police but didn’t hear back before publication.