Blinken’s Questionable Comment from Beijing Raises Eyebrows

Joe Biden’s team seems to have done everything they could to appease the Chinese. The Chinese have been treating Biden like they can do what they want with him.

As my colleague pointed out earlier, we’ve seen a variety of aggressive Chinese moves, from spy balloons and overseas “police stations” to the near-miss warship. The Biden team contradicted themselves about reports of spying in Alaska and the Chinese spying on us from Cuba.

However, Biden instead of criticizing the Chinese for their bad behavior or demanding that they behave better, says the U.S. ‘doesn’t seek conflict’ as if the U.S. is responsible for the problems. After the spy balloon scandal, the U.S. appeared to be the only country begging for improved relations. In a bizarre announcement, NSC spokesperson John Kirby said that they were not investigating the spy ball. Biden was reported to have wanted to call Xi, but his staff prevented him from doing so. This raises more questions as to who is in control at the White House.

Biden’s team sent low-level officials to Beijing on the anniversary date of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, a gaffe that was a big mistake. They did not seem to understand the significance of this action.

We reported that Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Beijing, meeting with various leaders. His arrival was not auspicious, to put it mildly. There was no red carpet or high-level welcome when he got off the plane.

It’s like treating him as an errand boy.

That continued during his meeting with China’s top diplomatic official, Wang Yi, where Blinken was made to walk to him, and no flags were present at the photo-op greeting.

Blinken called the meeting “candid and productive,” as we reported. However, it did not result in the resumption of military communications they hoped for.

If you read the Chinese’s summary of their meeting, the U.S. is being scolded. It accuses us of the problems and says that we must choose between “cooperation or conflict.”

What can be done to resolve the situation? The United States must “reflect on itself” and adhere to the “mutual coexistence, peaceful cooperation, and win-win collaboration put forward by President Xi Jinping.”

Wang also demanded that America stop hyping the so-called “China threat”. “Just ignore everything we do, guys. There is no indication that they will cease making these “threats.”

Blinken, let me ask you about Wang’s comment: Is he really “candid and positive” or is he deluding himself?

The Chinese statement said:

The United States should adhere to the principle of “one China” as outlined in the three joint communique between the United States and China, respect China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and oppose unambiguously the idea of “Taiwan Independence.”

This was Xi Jinping saying that they had made “progress”, and they were back where they were before Biden met Xi in Bali. This sounds like the U.S. will just let the past be forgotten and China can do whatever it pleases.

The worst part of all was when China told the U.S. that they must oppose Taiwan’s independence without hesitation.

Antony Blinken is shown kowtowing and bowing in Beijing. This video looks like it was taken as a hostage.

He’s talking about the “strategic uncertainty” that we’ve played with China in the past, where we don’t say anything specific and pretend that they are one. What happened to “strategic uncertainty” in this case, if what he says is “not different” from official policy?

It’s a given that things will “progress”, if you bow down, put Taiwan on the back burner, and do whatever they ask you to.