Country Singer Claims Gigs Were Canceled Due to Her Trump Rally National Anthem Performance

A country singer claims that the owners of a Massachusetts venue, where she performed for seven years, canceled the rest of her year’s gigs after they learned she sang the national anthem during a rally in support of former President Donald Trump.

Carly Tefft from Massachusetts had the honor to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner”, at a Trump rally held in New Hampshire on April 27. “When 45 asks you to sing the national anthem, I let God use my voice”. She wrote on Instagram: “@realdonaldtrump thank you, Mr. President.”

Tefft knew that her presence at the rally would ruffle some feathers but she didn’t expect to lose her job because of it. She was wrong. She was wrong.

In an interview, Tefft did on “The Howie Carr Show”, the manager, who was not named, claimed patrons could feel “threatened,” and compared her performance to obscene artwork. Tefft said to host Taylor Cormier that the manager had told her, “I cannot have nude art hanging in my place.” He was comparing what she did with obscene art.

The manager allegedly went further, asking Tefft her opinions about the former president. “Are you a Trump supporter?” He demanded to be told. Tefft said, “I just sighed.” He has never publicly endorsed Trump but claims to “wholly” support God. “I knew he would make up his mind no matter what I say,” Tefft said. He has never publicly endorsed Trump and claims to support only God “wholly.” It’s not my business. That’s what he wants. She claimed that he had later complimented “a great head [on] [her] shoulders,” and said she was welcome to visit Harvest Gallery as a patron but not as a performer.

She said, “It is funny because Massachusetts – you know, liberal – is supposed to have more ‘openness’.”

Tefft kept her alleged cancellation a secret for a few days. She later changed her mind and shared the information in hopes of preventing her children from experiencing a similar situation. She said, “My children one day will not be able to work because they support one team or go to a certain church, but that is okay if it’s just for them.”

She shared on Wednesday a video of “Freedom in This Country”, hinting that it might be the right time to “rerelease” it in view of her current situation.

Fox News’ request for comment was not answered by Harvest Gallery representatives. We asked for a comment as well but didn’t hear back immediately.