Remember When John Fetterman Grabbed a Shotgun and Chased Down an Unarmed Black Jogger

In February 2020, Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was murdered while jogging in Satilla Shores, near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia. Three white men pursued Arbery in their trucks for several minutes, incorrectly believing him to be a burglar. Arbery tried to run away, but the men prevented his escape and eventually shot him and recorded themselves doing it. National outrage erupted over the shooting and the botched investigation, but all three men were found guilty last year.

This story is strikingly reminiscent of one that took place nine years ago with John Fetterman, a Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. However, you probably haven’t heard the story.

John Fetterman was Braddock’s mayor at the time. At the time, John Fetterman was the mayor of Braddock.

He was running and was wearing his clothes. Fetterman said that he could not determine the race of the jogger at first because it was too cold for him to see.

Fetterman was criticized by his primary opponents in a debate on television. They questioned his motives but offered no explanation. Democrats won’t win in November without substantial minority turnout in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

“He’s not straight about this, no pun intended. ”

Nutter stated, “It’s not helping him, He is literally shooting himself in the foot.”

Despite the incident, Fetterman won his primary. The potential impact of November’s minor vote on Fetterman’s primary win was so serious that it has not been mentioned since the primaries.

Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler is a prominent Democratic organizer from Philadelphia.

Tyler stated, “This story could be a beat almost every single day or result in just one good advertisement that can lower Philadelphia’s turnout for 40, 50,000 voters. ” “That would be enough to win the election. ”

Fetterman has not apologized for the incident. Democrats are worried it will hurt them in November. It is not yet a big topic for Dr. Oz, given the outrage surrounding Ahmaud’s murder.