MSNBC Has an Embarrassing Meltdown Over Trump Special Master Ruling

MSNBC doesn’t seem to care about its biases anymore. They seem to be living up to the MSDNC nickname some conservatives gave them. They appear to be part of the Democratic National Committee’s “special master” group.

Here is the complete segment:

A colleague of mine reported that the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago ended in:

Multiple outlets confirmed that Donald Trump requested a special master to review documents seized in the August raid on Mar-a-Lago.

This news shocked the MSNBC guests.

Kirschner said:

“Both law enforcement and intelligence communities should be shocked right now because Donald Trump has all the evidence and information he needs to show that the documents he stole from Mar-a-Lago could have compromised national security. ”

“He has this information in his head, at least some of it. And from outward appearances, Joy, our federal government has done nothing to extract it from him.”

He said:

“This executive branch, this Department of Justice has not — at least as far as we know — demanded Donald Trump sit down for an interview and debrief to provide the information he has up here about what he did with those documents that could help protect our nation. This Department of Justice hasn’t subpoenaed and compelled him to appear before the grand jury to divulge what he knows about how he compromised our national security.”

He concluded his conversation by going on to the most talked about topic, Donald Trump’s arrest.

“They could be arresting Donald Trump because they have probable cause plus, plus, plus, plus. Arrest him, Mirandaize him — notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s recent opinion — Miranda is still a thing, and then interrogate him if he waives his Miranda rights, and extract from him information that can protect our national security. As best we can tell, the Department of Justice is doing none of that,”

Every form of corruption, including Hunter and Joe Biden, must be investigated. The difference is that Trump was under investigation before he became president and they haven’t found anything. He will insist that no one is above the law.

Mystal criticized the Florida judge, saying she was corrupted and biased.

She is corrupt and biased.

As my friend reported, Mystal, among others, had another meltdown on Twitter. Mystal tweeted: