Antifa Thug Shoots at Old Man, Kills Antifa Thug

It is a sign of the times. The first headline I saw after a relaxing holiday weekend was one about rioting and the death in one of America’s most corrupt cities, Portland.

Although I would never/almost never, celebrate the death of another human being, a wise man once said that “Instant Karma’s going to get you.”

Portland is awash with armed mobs that take control of the streets and police are left in the dust.

Things got out of control last week when Antifa lefty and Antifa-inspired bullyboys took part in “an apparent illegal street taking over event”. A man aged in his 80s was trying to drive by and had 18 rounds of thuggishness at his van.

Cameron Taylor, 20, was killed by gunfire. He was not the only victim of the attack on the elderly man. According to a GoFundMe campaign, he was “struck with a stray bullet” and a $20,000 GoFundMe campaign is being held for his funeral.

Antifa accounts on Twitter have promoted the fundraiser. Antifa members in Portland support street car takeovers, as they have increased in frequency since the Antifa-BLM riots of 2020. It is seen by Antifa as a way to undermine law and order and take away police resources.

Twitter user “burn_itdown_161”, wrote that “my boy lifelong friend was murdered last night at street takeover. Tonight’s candlelight vigil will take place at the expo center at 8 PM. Please spread the word and help to get candles donated to the location at 8. Please respect the FAMILY.

It is almost unbelievable how few people are shot and killed even by accident.

While Republicans are called “semi-fascists” by their president, actual black-shirted thugs take over Portland’s streets.