Republicans Shouldn’t Take the Bait and Make the Midterms a Referendum on Trump

Convention of States Action president Mark Meckler has some advice to offer Republicans after President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia last week. “That’s not going to help Republicans. If you make this a race for Donald Trump, we won’t win the election.

Meckler acknowledged that the raid was a terrible incident and will be speaking out about it. Meckler also warned Republicans not to take the bait about any Democrat who voted for his agenda.

It must be about freedom. The economy.

Biden’s speech in Philadelphia highlighted Trump’s attempt to be in the middle of the November ballot.

Meckler discovered that the photos weren’t as bad as he had thought. Meckler had seen American presidents look more dictatorial and fascistic than they did. This person should be fired.

“I’m done with nuance. Meckler said that this was the new fascist Democrat Party of America. Meckler stated that Mussolini said fascism was everything in the state, no matter what, and nothing against it. Meckler noted also that Biden and other prominent Democrats don’t apply this label to Republicans and conservatives.”

“Democrats believe everything is under the control and authority of the state”. Meckler pointed to the fact that Democrats believe nothing is against them, despite government censorship and crackdowns against those who disagree with their beliefs.

Meckler said, “Certainly, during my lifetime at most no Republican president ever spoke about the American people like that Joe Biden did.” “Accusing half the American citizens of being threats, this accusation is fascism’s language”. “Your country’s governance system supports you”.

Meckler believes an Article V Convention that gives power back to states is a way of reducing divisions in the country. “Red states are becoming redder, protecting individual liberties from an intrusive Federal Government.

Meckler stated structural changes were needed to protect us against fascism’s rise. Meckler believes that the Convention of States would allow the system of governance to serve the primary purpose of protecting citizens’ rights.

Biden’s message was sent to New York Governor Kathy Hochul telling Republicans to leave the state and Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist saying that Ron DeSantis supporters harbor hatred in their hearts. Meckler admitted that it might help them win more votes.

Meckler said that Biden was elected because he pledged to unify America.