Rainbows Are Not For Hockey Sticks

The NHL is the only major professional sport that has not conformed to the LGBTQ agenda. This fact alone should encourage you to reconsider the sport.

I grew up playing baseball, so I’m a fan, and I also love football, but hockey is a different sport. People who have never watched it make fun of it at times because they don’t understand it. Trust me, it is both a rugged and beautiful sport. It’s played by men who are tough as nails but can still be as graceful as a figure skater. There is no tougher championship to win than the Stanley Cup. To claim the Cup, the champion must prevail in sixteen games. No shortcuts: you have to win four in a best-of-seven series.

The NHL discovered last year that players and fans alike were uncomfortable with pride symbolism. The NHL, unlike most sports and corporate organizations, listened to its players and made adjustments. The NHL has banned this year the use of multi-colored “pride taping” on the stick faces of some players.

The league has made a significant change to its policy, as it was stated in a memo sent last week. This includes what is allowed on sponsored nights like “Pride Nights”, “Black History Nights”, “Hockey Fights Cancer Nights” and “Military Appreciation Nights”.

The memo that was sent to each team stated in part:

The players shall not be placed in a position where they are required to show (or appear to show) their personal support for Special Initiatives. This may include, for instance, whether or not a player is required to be near any groups or individuals who are visibly or other clearly associated with these special initiatives.

Outsports, a site that leans towards LGBTQ issues, feigned anger as expected. The outpost complained that the NHL sent a message saying that hockey wasn’t for everyone. The league knew that already. The decision to stop the politically motivated LGBTQ displays was taken out of common sense: they didn’t want to disappoint thousands of hockey fans or a few politically motivated agitators. The organization laughed off the claim that the NHL made a “disastrous decision marginalizing or outright eliminating the LGBTQ community.”

Outsports believes that this is the most oppressive anti-LGBTQ pro sports policy ever adopted by a North American professional sports league.

Outsports’ claim is so stupid because the LGBTQ community does not care about the NHL. They care about promotion. The league receives nothing from them. They are trying to blackmail the league. It’s even worse: the league not only gets nothing back but also loses thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of fans for a cause that they do believe in.

The group’s lunacy was not over. The Marxists justified their complaining by describing the League’s position as “disgraceful”. Despicable. Outrageous. Petty.”

Outports founder Cy Zeigler asked, “Can a team use a drag singer or gay men’s choir to sing the National Anthem with players on the ice?”

Zeigler, a disturbed person in charge of an unruly group that is unwilling to accept reality, is mentally disturbed. He complained recently that the NHL is one of only two major North American sports leagues that did not change their X avatar into a rainbow for this year’s Pride Month.

Oh, I’m crying a river. Is he being serious? Zieglar continued to scream, “Don’t surprise yourself if you see boycott calls.”

The U.K. Daily Mail claimed that the NHL’s decision to ban “Pride tape” was a move that would “erase visible support for LGBTQ+ individuals.” They also noted that “the NHL is the only major North American sports organization that does not have a player or coach who has come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ Community.”

I’m not surprised. The LGBTQ community represents a tiny fraction of the American population, but they still want to force their will on everything and everyone.

The NHL stood up to these ridiculous demands from the LGBTQ establishment and told them to get on with their lives. The NHL realized that their players and fans did not want to be associated with this perversion. As I understand the NHL memo, the message doesn’t state that players can’t support certain causes; it just says they don’t want them displayed on the ice.

The LGBTQ community is a loud bunch of bullies who demand that everyone falls in line and does exactly what they want. If their demands aren’t met, then they quickly switch to their martyr clothing. The tail too often wags the dog. I applaud the NHL for telling these players to “puck off”.