BLM Chicago’s “Updated” Tweet on Hamas Attacks on Israel Backfires

The Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter created quite the uproar with a despicable tweet they posted complete with a reprehensible graphic in support of the Hamas government’s terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

Here’s the original tweet that they shared.

It was noted by the Community to mention that “On Oct 7, 2023, Hamas terrorism in paragliders killed over 260 people in an attack on a music concert in Israel.”

Anyone who thought that they had removed the offensive image or statement due to an assault of conscience, or a reconsideration of their stance was in for an unpleasant surprise. They posted an updated Tweet Wednesday morning which seemed to apologize for the graphic. However, they included a text version that confirmed everything their original tweet said:

Megyn Kel, an independent journalist, retorted: “You are apparently too stupid to know that we all know through this and know that you meant every single word.” “You’re rabid antisemites, and you have disgraced yourself yet again.”

BLM Chicago’s Twitter account spent much of Wednesday repeating their position, spreading pro-Palestinian material, and claiming, without any evidence, that they were no longer affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

Even if they’re not, their goals will be very similar.

Black Lives Matter National & Black Lives Matter Chicago are clearly the same thing.

The tweets were both originals and updates after news of 40 Israeli infants who were murdered by Hamas were revealed during a search of victims from house to house. Joe Biden confirmed this story in a recent press conference, saying that he had seen some pictures.

It is obvious that anyone still publicly expressing support for Hamas’ so-called “mission” is not better than them and deserves the scorn, contempt, and ridicule of the public.