CNN Aired Host Christiane Amanpour Blaming Hamas, PBS Edited It Out

Let’s start with a short, current biography of Christiane Amanpour (usually a liberal journalist).

Amanpour, a British-Iranian, is CNN’s Chief International Anchor and the host of CNN International’s nightly “Amanpour” interview program. She also hosts “Amanpour & Company”, a PBS program.

Who knew that Amanpour was on CNN and PBS? This is why I wrote this article.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in response to the brutal attack by Hamas, a radical Islamist group, that was described as being similar to ISIS, and in which babies were reported murdered, and other atrocities were committed, launched a massive strike against the Gaza Strip. The strikes are still escalating even as I type.

Amanpour’s reporting, which usually shows no sympathy for Israel in the Middle East, began her most recent broadcast with interviews of survivors of kidnappings and their families, as well as repeated condemnations of Hamas.

Keep in mind that “Amapour”, the show, is broadcast on CNN International as well as PBS, which is funded by taxpayers and grants.

Here’s Amanpour’s opening:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to “Amanpour.” Here’s what’s coming up. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to address the nation this hour … after a devastating and unprecedented slaughter by Hamas inside Israel. And the number of Israelis confirmed killed in the attack continues to rise. As fears grow for the people taken hostage, my conversation with a woman who says her 19-year-old sister was kidnapped by Hamas.

And we speak to a survivor of the massacre of that music festival in Southern Israel. Also, ahead, how this attack unfolded and what happens next. I speak to an IDF spokesperson, to veteran politician, Tzipi Livni, and to a former head of Mossad.

Israel declared today that Gaza is under “a complete siege.” The [Israeli] Defense Minister [said] that no water, food, electricity, or fuel would be allowed into Gaza. He said that we were fighting barbaric terrorists. It is the third day that Israel has been filled with anger, despair, and agony after Hamas launched an attack from Gaza, which killed over 700 people and took dozens of hostages.

Israel has declared war on Gaza, and Israel is launching airstrikes almost continuously. According to the Palestinian Health Minister, thousands of Palestinians have been injured and more than 550 Palestinians killed so far. There are also concerns about a wider conflict, as Israel Defense Forces have revealed that they are also attacking Lebanese territories.

Everyone knows someone affected by the scale of this attack. It was the deadliest single day since Israel’s founding in 1948. […]

It was a heady experience, but I hate the phrase “a lot of unpacking”.

Amanpour’s criticism of Hamas’s attack is a notable one. The liberal host’s tacit endorsement of Israeli retaliation is near-unprecedented. The idea that a “journalist” from a left-wing background would have the courage to tell the truth about a so-called progressive power is almost unimaginable.

Amanpour slammed her guests in a back-and-forth with the bottom line:

Hamas has committed war crimes against innocent civilians in Israel. You heard Tzipi Lievni, and others, say that Hamas is responsible for the deaths and destruction of Palestinians in Gaza.

Bingo. By the way, there was no comment from the Democrat Party.

PBS has edited out (censored), Amanpour’s correct blaming of Hamas for Gaza’s destruction. It is a rhetorical question given that PBS, well, it’s PBS.

In relation to the Israel-Hamas War and the presidential election of 2024 — and specifically the Republican presidential candidates — My colleague reported previously that Donald Trump used the opportunity to criticize Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, which prompted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to fire back at the former President.

Amanpour’s entire show was quite astounding. Her honesty as both a British-Iranian woman and a liberal CNN regular is remarkable.


Sometimes the horrific atrocities carried out by terrorists and other (non-white) evil people are just too damn hard to ignore. Even for some left-wingers.