Progressive School Board Member Calls Black Conservative a Token During Activist Meeting

The progressives don’t seem afraid to voice their racist views towards people of color. This was apparent in the barrage of racial slurs directed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after Roe V. Wade was overturned.

This trend is also apparent at the local level. Elizabeth Andersen is a member of the Duval County Public School Board in Florida. She spoke out against harmful material being taught to K-12 students.

During a virtual meeting of a group called Beaches Activists, Andersen made racial remarks. This “progressive grassroots group” advocates that “a healthy democracy requires educated citizens and fair elections. A functioning, credible, free press, as well as responsive elected officials, is essential for a healthy democracy.” According to the website, the meeting was to discuss Moms For Liberty, a parent rights advocacy group that has played a key role in fighting for education.

Andersen shared a video of Quisha Kings (a black woman volunteering for Moms For Liberty) during the Zoom call. It involves some of the teachings regarding sexuality and gender identity that are being given to children at schools. Tia Bess, a Moms For Liberty volunteer, is also a Black woman. April Carney is running to fill Andersen’s vacant seat.

We know that these people are constantly in touch with our legislators in order to push legislation forward. Dan shared images and videos with me. April Carney is April King’s opponent. Tia Bess is the opponent. They parade her as a token of their concern for special-needs kids, and they are determined to make that happen.

Beaches activists took the video from its YouTube channel. We were able to retrieve it.

A token is one of the most hated slurs used against black conservatives. It implies that black people, like King and Bess, can’t think for their own good and must follow orders. Andersen suggested Moms For Liberty and other groups may be using black women to cover up racist allegations.

Progressives have used this tactic for decades. These situations expose their true nature: Hypocritical racists.