New Poll Shows Voters Think Republicans Would Handle Major Issues More Effectively than Democrats

A new poll shows that registered voters think Republicans will handle major issues better than Democrats. The GOP can’t let up until they win back the majority of the House and Senate.

As I reported this week, some GOP Senators are trying to reduce expectations for the Senate races. This could be their way to encourage more people to vote. The GOP base will vote in large numbers in November and they will be able to win both the House and Senate majorities. Although the Senate will be more difficult because of 21 Republican seats and only 14 Democratic seats up for reelection, the House appears to be moving in the GOP’s favor.

Fox News poll showed that more registered voters think Republicans will manage high-priced crime and border security better than Democrats.

Chris Anderson, a Democratic pollster, conducts the Fox surveys along with Republican Daron Shaw.

“Between the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and killing al Qaeda’s leader and less pain at the pumps, and the Republican-appointed Supreme Court judges taking away abortion rights from women, the political landscape for Democrats is less terrible.”

Daron Shaw:

“Recent congressional elections have shown that a balanced ballot test has made it extremely likely for Republicans to win a majority. This is due to two factors. Two, Democrats are geographically more concentrated in a smaller number of districts, and two, Republicans have drawn fewer districts to their advantage. This effect should be maintained in 2022, even though it could be reduced by the most recent round of redistricting.”

51 percent of Republicans place importance on inflation, while 25 percent of Democrats do the same. Democrats place abortion, climate change, and voting rights as their top priority. Republicans place high importance on abortion and border security.

Most people who were surveyed agree that it is important to research Hunter Biden and January 6.

Although this is a positive poll for the GOP it is not enough to win the Senate majority. They will win the majority of the GOP voters turn out in large numbers. It is a win for Democrats if some people stay home.