Brittney Griner’s National Anthem Stance Mocked After Her Nine-Year Russian Prison Sentence

Brittney Griner, the WNBA superstar, stated that she believes we shouldn’t play the national anthem during the WNBA season. This was in a 2020 interview with The Arizona Republic. “I believe we should take that stand.”

Griner is currently serving nine years in a Russian prison for drug possession.

Now, one might wonder what kind of “stand” Griner wanted to take. What kind of “stand” do we need to take about a pro-athlete who was so happy in America’s oppression that she married a woman she loved — something she could be charged with within Russia?

Brittney Griner is asking the American people to support her and demand Joe Biden trade her for a terrorist who has been convicted of killing American servicemen. Viktor Bout, an arms dealer, is the worst of all the worst. If he was freed, he would almost certainly return to the crime of murdering innocent civilians.

We should back her, even though she disrespects the anthem which unites us, regardless of our color, creed, or politics.

“I don’t mean that in any disrespect for our country. My father was a Vietnam veteran and a police officer for over 30 years. Before I became a basketball player, I wanted to be an officer. I am proud of my country.”

Griner’s remarks were made amid protests across the country following the Breonna Taylor incident, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

She told Jeff Metcalfe, The Republic’s Jeff Metcalfe, that she would protest “no matter what,” in an interview on July 27, 2020. “I’m not going out there for the national anthem. It’s okay if the league wants to continue to play it. It will continue all season, and I won’t be there. It seems like many others will do the same. Only I can speak for myself.”

She emotionally hurts those who take comfort in the symbolism of the flag and disrespects it by doing so. She is free to make whatever hateful or hurtful statements she likes about the flag, the national heroes, and other uniting factors that make us who we are.

We also have the unrestricted freedom to mock, criticize and denigrate her opinions to our hearts’ content.

She won’t share her views if she hasn’t changed her mind. Imagine the outcry of the radical left if her position was changed and she actually declared that the anthem was acceptable.

Joe Biden should continue working for Griner’s freedom as well as all Americans held abroad. It’s all about compassion. He’s not representing the majority of Americans who hold a different view about the anthem or what it stands for.