Liz Cheney Has One Last Whine, as Latest Poll Seals Her Fate

It’s time to count down. There are four days left before Rep. Liz Cheney (R.WY) is given the boot in her August 16 Wyoming primary.

Cheney has been trying desperately to win every vote. Her father has made an appeal for people to vote for her, attacking President Donald Trump. She also called on Democrats to vote for the candidate. These two things would, of course, be more likely to get Wyoming’s Republican voters to vote for her opponent.

Cheney still has one more whine. She doesn’t speak about Wyoming or any other issues that could concern voters about the current state of the country. Instead, she speaks about her obsession with getting Trump. Trump is being attacked for questioning the election, she claims.

That’s why I have questions. Which party is she now supporting? She is standing with Democrats in their attempts to get Trump elected. These are the same people who in the past questioned elections and called them illegitimate.

Here’s Jamie Raskin (D.MD), who is opposing Trump voters on her Jan. 6 Committee.

She is part of a Committee that won’t allow any evidence that would rebut Trump’s narrative, which includes that he called for peaceful action.

So much for Liz Cheney’s rule of law and honesty. She is standing with those who want to destroy the Republic and drive the country to the extreme left. She’s a Republican.

However, the most recent poll on her race will seal her fate. The University of Wyoming’s Survey & Analysis Center found that her opponent Harriet Hageman (Trump-endorsed) is up nearly 30 points — 57.4 % to Cheney’s 27.8 percent.

Nearly 98 percent of Democrats support her — that’s pretty clear. But that won’t help her much because Wyoming doesn’t have many Democrats. So even if all of them voted for her, this poll shows that it isn’t going to make a difference.

Although she believes she will run for president in 2024 she doesn’t understand that after using her, the Democrats will dump her under the bus. They will continue to hate her family just as they did in the past. After she’s ruined her future, there’s one remaining role: being the “Republican” political commentator on CNN and MSNBC.