Monkey Pox, Menstruation, and Absurdities

You may have seen the CDC brochure on creative ways to debauch yourself and avoid the dreaded monkey-pox. Although I hope that you haven’t, you can find it here. Although I won’t quote from the brochure, it does state that the CDC felt the need to clarify certain names. It does this twice on each page’s left-hand column. It seems that the official thesaurus for fifth-grade boys is what the federal government uses to help it write when it’s not looking through the clothes of former first ladies. This brochure may be the first federal agency to offer public service. To think that your taxes will go up in part to provide more outreach like this!

Britain, the country that gave us James Bond and the Spitfire, Monty Python, and Winston Churchill, has decided to not be outdone. A website was created by the National Health Service of Wales a year ago to educate people about menstruation. Named “Bloody Brilliant”, it is a very precise name, but not one that is easy to remember. “Bloody Brilliant.” The NHS and its Welsh affiliate seem to use the same thesaurus that the CDC. This little bit of internet scholarship can reveal some interesting facts. One is that men who have had their periods are called “half of the population”, “anyone with a uterus” and “people who bleed.”

People who bleed. If that is the case, you are in serious trouble. Last week, a severe storm hit our area with winds that were just shy of what some might consider a tornado. I got up at 5:15 am to put up our fence and also cut my own hair. According to Bloody Brilliant, I “menstruated” in the backyard and half the kitchen. Don’t laugh. My wife will not be the one explaining this to you. It’s called MENstruation. We are grateful for your support! I will be there all week, so please tip your waitress!

Yes, I am aware that I seem ridiculous. That is precisely my point. Both of these examples are absurd. This is not a belief shared by everyone. Milli Hill, a feminist, said to the Daily Mail that she finds it absolutely disgusting. While I understand the importance of inclusivity, this isn’t inclusivity. It’s leaving out the very people who are supposed to be at the center of their work, namely women and girls. The NHS has replaced gender-specific terms like “girls” with “women”.

You can also find the following article:

MailOnline was told by Dr. Karleen Gribble from Western Sydney University, Australia. She is a midwifery and nursing expert.

She said, “It seems that we have gone from menstruation not being mentioned, contributing to distress and difficulty for many young women around their periods, to the fact it is girls who have periods being ignored.”

“Neither of these are good.”

She stated that confusion about menstruation can lead to confusion for both girls and the general public. She said that it was possible for young girls to be confused by the lack of clarity regarding who gets periods.

Both the CDC brochure as well as the NHS website are juvenile and easy to read. There is a reason. It is easier to control and manipulate infantilized people who are conditioned to prioritize their sexual pleasures and their welfare over the welfare of others. While the website claims to eliminate the social stigma associated with naturally occurring biological processes, it has managed to turn them into another social sideshow.

Steve Wright, the great comedian, once said: “Remember, You’re Special.” This statement has never been more true. People with multicolored hair and stud-studded faces who force everyone to play Three Card Monty are not rebels. They are passé. There are many more people in this small, crowded area at the cutting edge. They are no longer individuals but part of the mass. They are not only infantilized but also well-fed. They are also compliant. The powers that be are reducing people to little more than a source of bathroom humor or a joke whispered by one grade-school boy to another during gym class. And everyone knows that children are easy to manipulate.