Yes, They’re Going to Arrest Donald Trump

I am not sure that any of us are ready to believe that left-wing, power-abusing goblins are going to arrest Donald Trump. They have raided conservative journalists (especially those within Trump’s orbit, Rudy Giuliani, and Michael Cohen), and most recently raided Trump’s home.

Conservatives cannot politicize the FBI or DOJ to such an extent. We have been caught flatfooted every time the establishment demolishes another American norm.

Do you think that Leftist partisans are instigating endless, faked-up malicious prosecutions just to have fun?

Attorney General Merrick Garland is strong with his Mar–a-Lago raid tranche. But, New York AG Letitia James, and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg both have a strong start in their own trumped-up investigations. Trump is being pursued relentlessly by all these hackers.

It seems almost certain that what was impossible for America in the past, will be possible now: An indictment against an ex-president. Eric Holder (Obama’s wingman, ex-weaponized AG) said the same thing in an interview with Joe Madison.

I believe you will see indictments of high-ranking White House officials as well as White House advisers regarding the attempted theft. You will likely also see indictments against the former President of America.

It is possible that someone will eventually indict Donald Trump. Impeachment can be a Congressional Indictment.

We must accept the possibility and be ready for it when it happens.

Let’s be clear: We must all do what the Leftist goblins tell us. Even if we don’t break our emergency glass, there are still ways to escape this mess.

We must also avoid Leftist media and Leftist social networking sites. If He could, we can too.

Don’t let vile leftists ruin your sleep. You can have a good laugh at them.

An arrest could signal the beginning of a difficult and long process.

Trump could still run for president, be reelected, and continue to lead the country. Business Insider supports this assertion citing many legal scholars.

It is unfair.

But if I’m right — if the Left continues to indulge its unslakable thirst for abusing power and persecuting Donald Trump — then we should be prepared to see an unabated cavalcade of tragic norm-shredding. Let’s stop being gobsmacked by it. Let’s take a step back, recognize that what we’re seeing is a group of people helplessly caught up in the throes of obsessive hatred, and understand that their works are trash. Then, let’s do everything we can to support target-in-chief Donald Trump, rescue America, and set things right. Let’s keep moving toward the exit from this disastrous phase of American history.

Vote. Donate. Run for office. Volunteer at the polls. Support election integrity efforts. Pressure your representatives to do the right thing.