Prediction: Could Ukraine Beat Russia?

As previously reported, the Russian invasion continues in full swing. Nearly 100 percent of Moscow’s troops have been deployed at the conflict’s border. Both sides have suffered severe losses and Ukraine continues to defend itself against Moscow.

Russia’s forces took Kherson, the first Ukrainian capital that fell into the conflict.

A viral video shared recently on social media was the result. A captured Russian soldier was shown in the video. He criticized Russia’s aggression and asked for forgiveness. “Russia cannot win here, even though it goes to its very end. But we can’t invade the territory.

He then addressed the Ukrainians, saying that he felt “shameful” for them coming into this country.

He said, “I don’t know why we did that.” “We knew very little. ”

According to the officer, he said that he had been told by Russia about his fellow soldiers that “nationalists and Nazis” had taken control in Ukraine. It was moving towards fascism.

He said, “Obviously that information was unilateral information.” ”

He stated that Russia’s troops do not want to be involved in war and asked for his mercy towards “those who come to your door with their hands up or who are injured.” It is better to sow health.

Public opinion in Russia seems to be moving towards Putin. A Russian oligarch called on the president to end hostilities and shared a video condemning the invasion. According to the Washington Examiner:

Oleg Deripaska is known for his business connections with Paul Manafort (ex-Trump campaign manager) and Christopher Steele (ex-Trump spy). He was accused of aiding the Russian government’s influence activities around the globe. He tweeted several times Monday that “we need peace” and shared a lengthy video by Yuval Noah Harari (an Israeli historian) who also criticized Putin’s invasion.

Deripaska tweeted: “I don’t always agree with Harari ]….” However, I can here support him as do most Russians — peace is necessary. “We need peace quickly, as we have already passed the point of no return — this second point is with which I am in agreement.

Deripaska posted a video of Harari speaking at TED Talks.

“It’s not the Russian people that want war. Harari said that. These people seem to enjoy life. ”

Like many historians, the historian also concluded that Putin underestimated Ukraine’s willingness to fight.

Harari said that his belief was that he could only invade Ukraine and Zelensky would flee. The government would fall, the army would surrender its arms, and the Ukrainian people would welcome the Russian liberators throwing Molotov cocktails. ”

The latest developments regarding the alleged assassination attempts on Zelensky are even more interesting. This is combined with the Russian protests which were quickly queried by Putin’s forces and makes it clear that the Russian president is facing a much more difficult task of overthrowing Ukraine’s government.

These developments don’t guarantee Putin won’t get what he wants.