Joe Biden Comeback Greatly Inflated

It was reported on Friday that Chris, CNN’s reporter, “does not choose sides.” Cillizza was salivating over a post-State of the Union Poll from NPR/PBS/Marist that showed President Biden with an eight-point jump (to 47%) compared to a poll conducted by the same outfit a few weeks earlier.

Cillizza tweeted with excitement “The possibility for Joe Biden returning now exists”, setting off a flurry of left-leaning speculations about the possibility. This is despite Biden’s high numbers in the poll regarding his handling the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

Bonchie said in his piece, that this poll wasn’t a sign that good things were to come. This was despite the fact that several other polls (Rasumussen and Reuters) were also published at the same time.

Two more polls were taken after that, which confirmed that the Cillizza referenced is an outlier. In the IBD/TIPP poll, Biden won one point overall approval (39%), with a little movement among the independent voting blocs.

According to a March survey of 1,318 adults, the president’s address was not convincing. It included inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The disapproval rate among independents in March was 53%. This is a decrease of 55% from February’s 55%.

He did however improve 8 points among Democrats, with 74% appraising. This number is not surprising, but it can be a problem for the party in power if they aren’t able to rally behind their president during election years.

Quinnipiac poll Monday revealed that Biden saw only a 1 point increase (to 38%) in American support compared to his numbers last week. But Americans remain divided over how he dealt with Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Americans are divided on Joe Biden’s response in Ukraine to Russia’s invasion. Only 42% approve, while 45 percent disapprove and only 13% offer their opinion. This is a stark contrast to the last week when only 39% approved and 47% disapproved.

Americans rate Biden’s job approval rating as negative 38-51% to 51 percent. 11 percent don’t have an opinion, compared to the week prior, when Biden had a negative 38-51 percent job approval rating.

Twitter has been home to a few “reporters”. They spin the newer numbers to show improvement over January’s numbers and then spin them as tops to make bad polling numbers look good. This tactic is not new to lazy stream media.

If Joe Biden consistently scores above 50% in polls I’ll be back on “comeback” stuff. All indications point to Democrats being beaten in the fall election. An outlier poll does not change this. Gas prices are at record highs.