A Man Armed With A Rifle Rammed Into Seattle Federal Building

There was an incident in Seattle on Saturday night. It would be reasonable to expect that it would have been more widely reported upon.

A man driving a car with a rifle in his hand drove into a downtown federal building. He was shot multiple times by officers and later died.

From The Hill: Olga Sagan, the owner of a bakery, told The Hill that her business had been closed due to recent crimes. She claimed she called the police to report the incidents, but they did not respond.

Sagan asked: “How many shots are needed to make it clear that there is an emergency in downtown Seattle?” She stated that downtown streets were abandoned by the government and given over to criminals.

Both residents and business owners are disappointed that the Democratic leadership has long since given the city over to the criminals and radical leftists.

This begs the question: What was the purpose of this man driving into a federal structure, then firing a gun at it?

Jonathon Choe from KOMO reported that activists disrupted a Seattle Police press conference about the shooting and harassed security personnel at the scene.

The identity of the victim in the shooting has not been released. This is a bit delayed.

Choe pointed out that there was disruption at the conference and also claimed that he has been harassed by “activists” over the past few weeks. Choe is Asian and said that someone had called him a “white nationalist” (he is Asian). Choe claimed that activists have been harassing him for the past year.

Choe’s thread, which describes a lot of interaction and is long and informative, also shows how he was attacked while trying to cover up their vandalism at Whole Foods. It’s linked here.