Biden Likely to Loose 20% of Votes if He Neglects to Forgive Student Loan Debt

Many Democrats are looking to keep Joe Biden’s promise to forgive student loan debt as if the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election didn’t seem bad enough.

Biden floated several student loan forgiveness plans during the 2020 campaign. One plan was devised and implemented by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass.). This would result in “an immediate cancellation at least $10,000 of student loans per person.”

A recent survey found that student loan forgiveness is something potential voters are willing to take on. Pollfish conducted the poll and Intelligent commissioned it. The result is that 55% of Democratic voters won’t vote for Biden unless there are steps taken to forgive student loan debt.

The survey revealed that 21% of Democrats will not support Biden in 2024 if there is no action on student loans. This compares to 20% for Republicans and 27% for independent voters.

Surprisingly, 61% of those surveyed said that it was more than student loans that turned them against Biden.

According to the poll, more voters believe that student loan debt can be canceled than they think.

Student loan cancellation is important to the majority of registered voters. The survey found that 42% of respondents consider the issue very important, and 35% consider it somewhat important.

The report states that 77% of Americans agree that Biden should cancel at most some student loan debt. However, they differ on how much. Twenty-nine percent want Biden to cancel all student loans unpaid for all borrowers. Twenty-six percent support canceling loans up to $10,000 per borrower and 22% want to forgive up to $50,000 per borrower.

Here are the results of the survey:


The attitudes of voters toward the Biden administration’s handling of student loan debt are all over the map. A little over a third of respondents say they are dissatisfied, while 18% are “very dissatisfied” with their situation and 16% call themselves “somewhat dissatisfied.” 29% are neutral about the issue. Those with student loans are more likely to voice their dissatisfaction.

As a friend who is currently in college pointed out, spending taxpayer money on student loans will not help those who did not get government loans.

“Some of us are in crippling student loans in the private sector. We can’t depend on Joe to bail out. He said, “We took out the loan. We gotta repay it.”

For all the administration’s ranting about fairness, equity — hell, for the left in general — federal student loans are not to be forgiven for scholarship students and those working their way through college.

A friend pointed out to me that the government’s generousness doesn’t help hardworking parents who have helped their children pay for school.

She said, “When our children were young, we worked our asses off. We both had side jobs that we did in addition to our full-time job. We lived in fixer-uppers, and we renovated them ourselves. We lived without cars and fancy vacations. Our family spent decades saving and working hard so that our children wouldn’t be saddled with student loans in adulthood. I am disgusted at the thought of people who didn’t work as hard, or saved as much, paying for their children’s college with our tax dollars.

If student loans are still being paid, Uncle Sam might be able to forgo some of the debt. These promises, and the continuing demands that the Biden administration must follow them up, smack of more big government spending. We can’t afford more.