House Took Pandemic Relief out of Omnibus Bill Despite Democrats Pleads

The House recently approved an Omnibus Spending Bill of $1.5 Trillion that included $13 Billion in Ukraine Aid.

The $14Billion in COVID funds was removed from the Omnibus Bill at the last minute despite Democrats pleading for more pandemic relief. Democrats don’t like the idea of some Omnibus Bill funds coming from offsets from the American Rescue Plan.


At least 30 states will lose funds from the American Rescue Plan. They were never used or allocated. Almost all states have large budget surpluses. It is easy to see why they need the extra cash.

CNN: Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush criticized the plan through a statement.

She said that she was opposed to attempts to seize lifesaving resources to recover fully from the pandemic.

Democratic legislators in states like Washington, Michigan, Ohio, and others were outraged that American Rescue Plan money was used to offset the assistance their states hadn’t received. CNN was told by a Democratic aide that this was true.

Michigan now has $20 billion to spend on federal grants from the coronavirus pandemic.

Nancy Pelosi is the House Speaker and she’s in trouble for suggesting something Republicans have been asking for months.


Republicans have been demanding for years that the government give a full accounting of where pandemic aid money has gone. What amount has been spent and what is left? They can use funds that are not yet spent to offset the amount they have taken.

GOP Senators speak to liberal Democrats who view it as a sacrilege. Atheists also consider it very bad for the people of the country to return the money that they have printed and set aside.

In a letter to the White House, six questions were asked by Republicans to Biden. They wanted to get their answers before voting for additional COVID relief money.

According to the GOP letter, “Since February’s passage American Rescue Plan, there have always been many questions about where that extra money went.” ”

Senators stated that Congress should be able to account for how $6 trillion was spent on COVID-19 relief in order to fund an additional $30 billion.

The senators had to answer six questions before they could approve additional funding. They want to know what the purpose of the additional funding is, how much money has been used under American Rescue Plan, how much was spent on testing and vaccinations, and if real-time COVID-19 spending information is available.


The White House stated that the winter omicron flooding drained bank accounts and that more money is needed to fix the situation. It is our hope that Republicans won’t change their mind and expose COVID relief programs to the public.