Portland’s Unrelenting Criminal Behavior Forces Out Another Business

This is how a city ends.
Portland, Oregon is no excuse. In case Mayor Ted Wheeler or the Leftists in both county and city governments aren’t clear about how they are strangling their city, a local businesswoman left behind a note explaining.

Marcy Landolfo only wanted to sell fashionable, upscale streetwear. Rains PDX, the unofficial rain capital of the country? A match made in heaven, right? Except Landolfo has lived a hellish three years.

Hers was, that’s right. It was an independent business that was part of an international chain of boutiques.

After her 15th break-in, she shut down her shop over the weekend. There have been 15 major thefts over the past year and a quarter, but no one has been arrested or prosecuted. Five of these thefts occurred within the last three weeks.

Multnomah County’s DA office is run by George Soros. He doesn’t actually live there but Landolfo does and her employees do. She can’t ensure their safety, just like Soros. She said to KATU, “It’s too risky [to remain open] in a dangerous city.” My employees are safe. “No way.”

Surveillance tape shows thieves breaking into her windows and then stealing entire racks full of clothes before fleeing. She even tried to board up her windows recently. Why bother? They will just return. Portlanders don’t have to go to jail for stealing anymore, even if the underfunded police department does catch them. There are too many murders for the cops to solve. Thanks, George!

Landolfo left a note explaining why she was leaving before she made peace. Although it wasn’t a 95-sentence thesis, it was a concise summary of why Portland is going to hell.

After thanking her customers, she began to write, writing that “due to the constant and unrelenting crime behavior, combined with increasing safety issues for employees, we have decided permanently to close.”

She predicted that “our city was in peril.” In the current state of Portland, small businesses and large cannot continue doing business. Portland is going downhill. She is correct in saying that there is no protection or recourse against criminal behavior that goes unpunished. For Anfitastan citizens, who are awake and aware that there is no free lunch, she had a message. Don’t be deceived into believing that insurance companies will cover your losses. “We have suffered 15 break-ins…we have not received any financial compensation since the third.” They won’t believe it.

She didn’t set out to make bold political statements. Portland was just trying to start a business that would be successful.

Landolfo stated to KATU that “it’s just too much with losses that aren’t covered by insurance, damages, and everything.” It’s not sustainable. It’s exhausting and tiring to see no improvement in the future, or not move forward. It’s not positive.

Wheeler and his company were not able to see the signs after Louis Vuitton refused its taxes. Salt & Straw now wants to leave Portland because it is unsafe. Portland is too expensive and not worth it anymore. They still don’t understand it.

A local reporter asked the mayor for his thoughts on the matter after Landolfo had left her note and closed down the store. His team stated that they are working to increase funding through Prosper Portland for business repair grants.

Ted, it’s not going to work. Landolfo stated that paying for broken glass is great but does not address the root cause.

Perhaps she will run for mayor.