4 Reasons Police Haven’t Arrested or Named a Suspect in the Idaho 4 Murders

Four University of Idaho students were attacked and stabbed to death on November 13th while they were asleep between 3 and 5 am. The incident has caused much panic and speculation in the normally quiet college town. However, internet sleuths have begun to criticize the police. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone that police work takes time. It’s impossible to solve real crime in just forty-five minutes on Netflix.

This story is still evolving and should be treated with great care. As they prepare for the holidays without their children, their emotions are raw.

These are just some of the reasons why Moscow police have not arrested or named anyone.

Small-town police departments receive the short end

Moscow, Idaho is quiet and has very low violent crime.

This is a complicated world.

Normal homicide evidence may include hair, dirt, and fibers. Due to the complexity and weight of the case, processing times will be long.

The DNA evidence collection will take many weeks to complete. The problem of DNA contamination is very serious.

Officers at the recent police press conference were very professional and competent. Let them do their job right, and don’t rush to make a fuss.

Thanksgiving break was an interruption from the investigation

The University of Illinois campus was left as a ghost town just days after the murders.

Nancy Grace is a flamboyant and exaggerated person who sometimes can be too loud for my taste. She said, “I believe the killer was in one of the victims’ circles.” Grace explained that people are frustrated by the slow pace of the investigation. ”

Don’t tip the killer!

The media is very eager to see a profile of a killer. The media is extremely impatient to see a profile of a killer. His catchy name made him very happy and sold lots in newspapers. Instead of making killers scary and funny titles, the media should make embarrassing names such as “The Douchebag Killer”, the “Teeny Peeny Jeerkface Bungler”, or “The Moscow Maggot.” I will stick to that.

The police now have proof that The Moscow Maggot and they only know. The police now have evidence that they and The Moscow Maggot only know. It is also something I am covering. Let’s not forget our humanity. However, we shouldn’t lose our humanity.

As I was watching The Night Stalker and The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix, I saw that Dianne Feinstein almost ruined the LAPD’s chances of catching Ramirez. The whole thing was just spitting onto the floor. Californians were being raped and murdered almost every night by a psychotic madman.

For good reasons, the FBI and Moscow police withhold any information. They will likely be able to locate someone. Scott Peterson was convicted in the murders of Laci and Conner. They took four months to build a solid case. The public will soon lose patience. All of us hope that the police have all the evidence needed and that they have a suspect they are able to surround.

Always hug your children and love them if you are able to.