Biden’s Big Union Deal Could Be About To Implode

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont could torpedo President Joe Biden’s efforts to halt a rail strike by stalling out the Senate’s vote to force unions to sign onto an administration-brokered deal between railroad companies and rail unions, Politico reported Tuesday.

Biden asked Monday for Congress’ use of the Railway Labor Act authority in order to force unions to adhere to the administration’s agreement before the Dec. 9 strike deadline. D.C. Politico, insiders and others search for signs Sanders may try to stall proceedings to ensure workers get more sick leave benefits.

Schumer informed reporters that all four congressional members are determined to end the rail shutdown “as soon as possible”.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio criticized the administration for forcing workers into accepting a deal they didn’t vote for.

Rubio said Tuesday that Congress doesn’t have the right not to impose harsh solutions. Rubio stated Tuesday that Congress does not have the right to impose harsh solutions.

Politico reports the president was among five senators who voted against congressional interference in the 1992 rail strike. He felt the economic implications of stalled trains which account for roughly 40% of long-distance trade in the country were too severe.

Polito was told by an ex-Labor Department official that railroad workers believed the president would fight to the bitter end for their demands.

Matthew A. Weaver, a former union official, said Monday that the president’s decision “seems like it caters to the oligarchs”. Weaver was an ex-carpenter who is now a union official for a railway maintenance organization. He stated Monday that the president’s decision seemed to be a favor for the oligarchs. ”

Biden served as a senator from 1992 to 1993. Biden criticized the Railway Labor Act, claiming that it favors corporations and regulators over workers.