Pelosi: Drag Is What America Is All About

Last week, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in a line of succession to the presidency, was on TV to speak a few words about a favored minority.

It was not a racial minority, a religious minority, or an ethnic minority. The minority was fashion taste, as in “awful”, “gaudy”, and “without redeeming socio-economic value.”

Speaker Pelosi appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The programming was unfamiliar to me as I am not a hipster. But I do know RuPaul. He is Hollywood’s favorite drag queen and has made many appearances in movies and on TV.

There are many more beautiful and convincing drag queens. Mr. Paul is a cartoon of a woman who acts like a bitchy woman. This should be a reason to anger every feminist worthy of her salt, rather than celebrating him.

Pelosi praised him and other queens for “freedom to express themselves.”

Spectator World:

It is an honor to be with you and to express our gratitude to you all. We are grateful for all the beauty and joy you bring to the world. America is about freedom and expression. To my drag friends, I always say it.

Drag queens are ugly and offensive to me, but beauty is in one’s own eyes. Who am I to judge if drag queens aren’t American? This country is great. We have always allowed for individualists and curmudgeons as well as cantankerous tinkerers and devil worshippers.

But that doesn’t mean they have to be approved of. Acceptance doesn’t have to be a condition. We should allow them to have their quirks, idiosyncrasies, and weirdness.

Pelosi wants us all to accept their choices. Pelosi wants us to accept their choices. She is free to do so. This is what makes America great. Pelosi and RuPaul can think differently.

Pelosi-style, the Speaker looked as though she was grinding her teeth throughout the entire thing. Cockburn, who claimed to have many “friends” in drag, was clearly uncomfortable at the moment.

Queens complimented Pelosi for what Entertainment Weekly called her “infamously condescending round” of applause that she gave Trump at his 2019 speech.

Pelosi eventually got to the point of all this time-wasting. She told the drag queens that “the single most important thing that I can say is to vote.” Readers are free to suggest the most important thing they could say to a drag queen dressed in drag.

For me, it wouldn’t say, “Go out to vote!” I might tell them the name of my therapist and suggest a long, pleasant stay at St. Elizabeth’s.

Pelosi was making fun of men in women’s clothes on television, while Americans across the country were wondering if their paychecks could cover the rising cost of housing and food next month.

Cockburn finds inspiration in your ability to giddy with women wearing dresses, while Americans struggle to pay for gasoline and other essentials. Pelosi could be wrong, but voting is the most important thing she can say. Many of her constituents love drag and it seems like a smart campaign move to have Pelosi appear on the drag show.

Soon, you will find a local public library.