Month of May Saw Another Record Number of Border Apprehensions by CBP

The border month of May was just like any other month except that it was worse. With nearly 240,000 people being arrested by Customs and Border Patrol, another record was set.

One-quarter of the arrested had been previously apprehended. 69% of those arrested were single adults. At 14,700, the number of unaccompanied children was high.

Despite all the noise from open border advocates regarding Title 42, one eyewitness said that few illegal aliens were turned away by the pandemic restriction.

Daily Caller:

TheDCNF interviewed migrant migrants after they crossed into Yuma. They were taken into Border Patrol custody. Later, they were released to nongovernmental organizations. There they received travel documents and made their way back to relatives and friends in the U.S. According to TheDCNF, many of them were released in 2023 with court dates.

Chris Magnus, CBP Commissioner, claimed that single adults, as well as families, are “expelled” under Title 42. CBP reported that 100,699 migrants were expelled under the order in May.

This means that 140,000 people were handed a slip of paper detailing when they would appear before a judge in the next century. This is a scam. It will be more difficult to expel them if they remain in the U.S. for too long. These NGOs are skilled at manipulating the system and telling illegals how to avoid deportation.

While the border patrol focuses on preventing illegal crossings, drug dealers, as well as human traffickers, reap the benefits.

New York Post:

While the attempted border crossings increased in May, drug seizures fell by nearly a quarter (22%).

Particularly, cocaine seizures decreased by 22%, methamphetamine decreased by 23%, heroin decreased by 29%, and fentanyl seizures decreased by 12%.

CBP announced Wednesday that current US border restrictions had not been lifted and asked all migrants heading north to stop their journey.

“Current restrictions on the US border haven’t changed: single adults or families encountered at Southwest Border will continue being expelled, where appropriate under Title 42,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus stated in a statement.

Magnus truly believes that this warning will do any good. The Biden administration is speaking from both sides. They tell people not to go, but open the back door for illegals.

It will only get worse.