Italian Motorists Are Not Having Climate Change Activists Block a Highway

Sometimes a story just touches your heart. Today’s video features Italian motorists confronting climate activists who tried to block a highway. They were not successful in their attempt, so I’m calling it “attempted”.

You’ll see that things end in a very satisfying moment, for everyone.

I am trying to think of a dumber way to combat “climate change”. It would be to block a highway and sit in front of cars, stopping them from moving and making them idle for long periods. Why not reduce carbon emissions? No one has ever said that climate hysterics are the most sharpened tools in the shed. They are unassailable in the United States but are insane in Europe.

A “protester” recently placed a slice of cake on the Mona Lisa in France, in a display of sheer brilliance. Why? They were apparently saving the planet. A woman in France decided to tie herself to a net at French Open to reduce climate change. All of these protests are absurd, even the one shown in the video. These are legitimately insane people who have lost all sense of purpose in their lives and believe they are morally right harassing others.

That’s why I think the video shows the great reaction of the motorists. Normal people decided enough was enough, and instead of reacting in fear, this is what happened. This is how you deal with “protesters”, who have no right to stand in the middle of a street. Grab them by their collars and drag them away. They don’t have to be the center of the universe. The more pushback they get, the less likely they will resort to these outrageous stunts.