Outrage Over Unexpected Defense of Clarence Thomas by Most Liberal Justice

Recent attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have been severe. It is not because of any ruling he signed onto, but Ginni, his wife, has been under fire. Ginni believed that voter fraud was widespread and talked to many people after 2020 to discuss how to challenge the results.

Clarence Thomas might be wondering what this means for Clarence Thomas. Joe Biden has often said that Hunter Biden is not an elected official, but he was aware of Hunter Biden’s corrupt and possibly illegal business dealings.

Regardless, the onslaught has been steady, with a stream of high-profile left-wingers, on cable news, in print, and on social media, demanding that Clarence Thomas resign. Yet, on Thursday, he received an unexpected endorsement from none other than radically liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court Justice) spoke highly of Justice Clarence Thomas during an event held on Thursday. She stated, “He’s an individual who cares deeply about the court as an institution. ”

Liberal Sotomayor admitted that she doesn’t agree with conservative justice all the time, but she said that she believes strongly in mutual understanding and kindness towards people.

“Justice Thomas is the only justice who knows all employees’ by their names. ”

Sometimes in politics (and for a long period of time, the Supreme Court was a political tool), it is rare to see something that gives hope and not impending doom. Sotomayor’s comments during Dobb’s oral arguments on abortion were a clear example of this.

She’s still a human being. She’s not willing to destroy anyone she works with just because they disagree on something. This level of tolerance is rare today.

Of course, that tolerance went no further than Sotomayor’s lips. The outrage flowed like milk and honey following her comments.

The left won’t accept anyone if they can confirm their political pasts Sotomayor is in fact acquainted with Thomas (I assume she also knows Thomas’ wife). Too many Democrats think they are better than that simply because they have read an article from The Guardian.

In the end, Thomas isn’t going anywhere. He’s not going to resign, and he’s going to keep triggering the libs for a long time yet.