Parents Rights Group Under Fire as SPLC Labels Them ‘Hate Groups’

Southern Poverty Law Center has been in hiding for the past few years, following a series of scandals that involved its founder Morris Dees. Dees, who was a bit of a tyrant and accused of sexual harassment and racism, roiled the Southern Poverty Law Center. As the left retreated from the story, the irony was that a group claiming to be fighting “racist” organizations was accused of racism.

This year, the infamous SPLC “Hate Map”, which shows where they allege all of their “hate groups” have their headquarters, was released a bit late. Center for Immigration Studies, Center for Security Policy, and Family Research Council were still present, as well as other conservative groups. ADF’s hate crime was defending businesses that exercise their religious freedom by refusing to use their talents to assist gay couples in getting married.

It’s obvious that these groups don’t have much “hate”, except for perhaps the SPLC, and their attempts to raise money off of their exaggerated “war on hate.”

The SPLC needed more targets against which to raise money, so it decided to target moms. SPLC has placed Moms For Liberty, along with other parental rights organizations, on its “hate groups” list. You can donate to the SPLC to show your appreciation for all they do to protect America from “ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged creatures and things that go boogie in the night”.

The SPLC report states that “These groups are, in part, a reaction to the right-wing opposition to COVID-19 safety measures in school.” But they have evolved into an anti-student movement that targets any curriculum that includes discussions about race, discrimination, and LGBTQ identities.

The report states that “Moms for Liberty is at the forefront of the mobilization, a Florida-based group with extensive connections to the GOP which the SPLC has designated this year as an extremist organization.” They can be seen at school board meetings around the country, wearing shirts with signs declaring ‘We DO NOT CO-PARENT WITH THE GOVERNMENT’.

Omigod SPLC. Please save us!

Daily Signal:

The SPLC report never mentions the Left’s aggressive promotion of sexualized materials for children at schools and other venues. The report does not mention “Drag-Queen Story Hour” or that many books parents want books to be removed from the school library that contains pornographic material. The article does not mention that many on the Left believe that children should have the right to choose a gender other than their biological sex and hide this identity from their parents. They also advocate that they be allowed to obtain life-altering medications without parental consent. It is as if the parental rights movement was born out of nowhere, or worse yet, it is motivated by hate.

The SPLC reports that “Hate groups and antigovernment organizations are the extremity of America’s Hard Right, a movement inherently antidemocratic which rejects equity and pluralism.” The movement instead aims to create a society that is dominated by hierarchy where those who are deemed less or more dangerous, such as women, Blacks, Browns, LGBTQs, non-Christians, and others, will be socially and politically subjugated.

Is anyone dumb enough to think that? It is absurd to compare Moms for Liberty with the Klu Klux Klan.

For the first time ever, the SPLC has been the target of a defamation suit. The SPLC chose to target a small immigration group, calling the Dustin Inman Society a hate group. The SPLC, however, was inept and a court ruled that the case could proceed through discovery. Mark Krikorian says that this is a big deal.


SPLC has never let anyone in on its inner workings. Staff communications and other documents pertaining to the plaintiffs may well reveal information that SPLC prefers to keep hidden.

The cost of discovery is staggering. There are a lot of documents and emails to review, with opposing counsel blocking at every opportunity.

The SPLC is losing a lot in terms of credibility. They remain a radical icon of the left and will continue using exaggeration to raise funds.