Trump on the Verge of DOJ Indictment After Shocking Charges Are Unveiled

Sources claim that Donald Trump was informed by the DOJ that his indictment is imminent, and will take place “next” week.

Jack Smith, who was assigned by the current AG Merrick G. Garland to investigate the former President, will charge the former president of “gathering or transmitting” national defense data (The Post Millenial).

A federal grand jury could hand a federal indictment filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith to Trump as soon as next week.

Smith’s prosecution team notified Trump’s team recently that Smith faces charges of violating 18 US Code Chapter 37 Section 793, which prohibits “gathering or transmitting” national defense information. False statements and obstruction of Justice are also reportedly under consideration.

Prior to Trump’s indictment in Manhattan by Alvin Bragg, variously reported timelines turned out to be wrong, so take “early next week” with some caution. Because the case is still technically with a grand jury, things could change.

The charges described are consistent with previous reports that the DOJ was focusing on a recorded conversation between Trump’s representatives and Mick Mulvaney. Trump is said to have described in the tape a document pertaining to an invasion of Iran and indicated that he was aware it was classified. But it’s important to remember that just because DOJ says something doesn’t mean that it is true. This does not necessarily mean that it will stand up in court.

The timing of this whole thing should enrage Republicans. The DOJ will do what I predicted and many others feared, which is to delay indicting Trump until after he has already won the Republican nomination. This could be the largest example of election meddling in American history, given that it is likely to result in a conviction (especially if this case is brought in a jurisdiction unfriendly). No matter how one feels about the overall merits of this case, it’s still unconscionable.