Insanely Rich And Famous Arnold Schwarzenegger Says It’s Sad That We Have To Die

Danny DeVito, a fellow actor of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, conducted a Q&A session with him for the Monday issue of Interview magazine.
What did he tell you?

Schwarzenegger, who is a blockbuster actor and bodybuilder and has been the governor of California in addition to accumulating a reported $400 million net worth, knows that his fame, wealth and good times are going to disappear one day.

DeVito raised the issue of water shortages around the globe and asked his former Twins co-star “What is in store for us?” What do you think about our species? Will we last? Interview asked, “Tell me what you think of me, great leader.”

Schwarzenegger replied with a laugh, “It reminded me of the question [shock radio show host] Howard Stern asked me. Tell me, Governor, what happens when we die. I replied, “Nothing. You’re six feet under. “Anyone who tells you otherwise is a f***ing lie,” the magazine stated.

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Interview reported that Schwarzenegger told Stern he didn’t really know what happened. Schwarzenegger also said that he “didn’t know” what happens to the soul.

According to the magazine, DeVito said: “We are deteriorating.”

Schwarzenegger added, “Except for some fantasy.” It sounds great when people say, “I’ll see them again in Heaven,” but we won’t be able to see each other after we die. It’s sad. I know that people are comfortable with death. But I am not. I will miss everything. What will it be like to sit here with you, and one day that will be gone? To have fun, go to the gym, pump up my muscles, ride my bike at the beach, travel, and see interesting things around the world. What is the f ***?” Interview notated

DeVito interjected, “Life! It’s great! Schwarzenegger then agreed with the magazine, saying “Exactly” and asking “Who can we be blamed?”

Additional Interviews:

DEVITO: Do you mean we won’t be around forever?
SCHWARZENEGGER: Yeah. We have to die.
DEVITO: That’s tough, man.
SCHWARZENEGGER : I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s a fact and it really pisses off.
DEVITO: I don’t think you want to die.
SCHWARZENEGGER: No. ***? What is this?
What else is there?
Arnold Schwarzenegger may not believe in God but he has a close family member, Chris Pratt. He is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s daughter.

As readers of TheBlaze are well aware, Pratt is a devout Christian who has faced a lot of criticism for his beliefs. Pratt and his wife met in church. Who knows? Both could have a spiritual influence on Schwarzenegger.