Virginia’s Republican Lt. Governor Unleashes Hard-Hitting Truth on Democrats After Graduation Shooting Tragedy

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears is not afraid to support the Second Amendment. She was shown in one of her posters cradling a rifle at a Virginia firing range.

A teenager shot and killed a teen and his stepfather at the Huguenot High School in Richmond, Va. Both the shooter and victim had a past.

Levar Stoney is a Democrat Mayor of Newark. He told reporters this shouldn’t happen anywhere. It was less than 2 hours after the initial gunshots. ”

Jason Kamras, a Richmond Public Schools teacher who was wearing a black gown at the graduation ceremony, used the occasion to call for an end to gun violence. I urge the community to stop. ” “Stop it. ”

Earle Sears had a completely different view.

“I was told to stay away but the people that I represent are not safe. They’re not safe in this city, and we have to figure out why that is. This is not about law-abiding gun owners. This is about gangs,” Earle-Sears said. “This is about even if you took all the guns off the street from the law-abiding citizens, the others who mean harm, who mean to kill and mayhem, they’re going to have the guns.”

Democrats immediately jumped on the “gangs” remark and focused on the wrong issue, guns. Virginia Senator Earle-Sears referred to the remarks as “self-righteous anger”.

In a telephone interview with Don L. Scott Jr. on Wednesday, he stated that there are prayers for mental health when mass shootings happen in other communities. But when it’s an urban community, she immediately starts to talk about gangs and criminals. ”

Yes, I understand. Tell me what you want to say.

Earle Sears said in a phone interview that her comments were not political, but rather an appeal to action. She did not give any specifics.

“This is not an issue. They only care about politics. ”

Earle Sears’ second statement was more direct.

It is almost revolutionary in 2023 to say “Lock up criminals”.


Earle-Sears released a statement in which she said that her “heart was broken” for the cowardly, senseless violence of the previous night that took the lives of a high school graduate and his father just moments after the graduate walked across to receive his diploma.

In a statement, Earle Sears stated that there will be 33 homicides in Richmond by the year 2023. She also said that “gang activities and other crimes” are virtually unchecked because of a system that puts criminals’ wants over law-abiding families’ rights.

This woman is going to be a leader in politics. Her fearlessness and her ability to see the world clearly are impressive. A Marine veteran and mother, she is also.

What is not to like?