One Can Only Dream That Joe Biden Made This Speech for his State of the Union

President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address recently.

These were the words Biden should have used:

The unwarranted invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a reminder of the importance of America’s military being strong and focused on defense, not distractions such as gender equality.

“I stand by the Ukrainian people, and will support them wherever they are needed.” America won’t enter this conflict.

“My forefathers were in wars all around the globe. America has soldiers in 80 countries. Currently, there are 25,000 South Korean troops, 30,000 German troops, and 50,000 Japanese troops

“I’ll send these troops home. These countries can pay for their defense.

My predecessor avoided war. “Executive President Donald Trump stated that he would ‘bring back our troops’. I was able to do so, even though it wasn’t something I planned.

“I’m very sorry for how I managed my house two years ago when the pandemic began.

I stated that I would not require vaccines. My press representative assured reporters that she stated that vaccines would be voluntary.

“But just a few weeks later I ordered vaccinations to all my employees.

I stated that freedom and personal decision were not the main focus. But, the Supreme Court overturned this mandate.

“My government made endless mistakes”.

“For one year, our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention kept outdoor mask rules. It is ridiculous. COVID-19 can also be contracted outside”.

I will stop that.

“Next” Trump and I liked to send money during the pandemic. Trump said that “85%” American households would be able to get a $1400 emergency cash check.

“But, the government doesn’t have any money, so it wasn’t a gift. Washington, D.C. took a cut, but we gave away the rest like Santa Claus.

“I am not Santa Claus. I swear that none of this money will be given away.

“But I have learned from my mistakes!” ” “I will reduce irresponsible spending beginning today.

“I will eliminate unnecessary cabinet departments such as Housing and Urban Development and Labor. It’s a great place to live and I still don’t know what the majority of the bureaucrats do.

“I will also get rid of the Department of Education.

“We don’t need a Commerce Department. Commerce is a natural and simple process.

I will also eliminate Drug Enforcement Administration. It’s unnecessary, as I will end the dangerous War on Drugs.

We could concentrate on the job of government: keeping us safe and free from harmful laws.

“In closing, let me say that I will abide by our Constitution. It limits what I can do. Trump claimed once that Article II gives him the power of doing whatever he pleases.

We only have limited power.

“I cannot do what I want.” ”

“And, I swear I will do no less from now on. ”

he “In fact, if you do my job correctly, you wouldn’t even know I’m here.” “