Is Russia Exclusively Aiming At Civilians?

A teacher in English said that Russian forces had been exclusively targeting civilians in Kharkiv for days, while I was hiding from the bombs in a Kharkiv bathroom.

Julia Laesser stated, “They have been bombarding since morning. Only districts where civilians live, and where there aren’t militarily forces.” “Just local flats and supermarkets with some small shops.”

She continued, “They are bombing civilians.” “We have many people, a lot of people who died on the streets, and a lot of people who are injured.”

Laesser said that she and her family were just “praying to remain alive.”

She is currently sheltering in Kharkiv, along with her family, which includes her 8-year old nephew.

Laesser stated that “he’s afraid” as well as “crying”. He “constantly asks me: “Are you afraid?” Are you afraid? Is it going to stop? What is going to happen?

Laesser stated, “I don’t want him seeing my feelings.” “I am afraid, of course. “I am normal, but I am afraid.”

She added, “But I’m growing angrier every day, so I hope that the world will stop Putin. Someone will do something to stop this war.”

Laesser stated, “We just hope this will end soon.” “Please help us end this war as soon as possible,” Laesser said.

Laesser stated that the city doesn’t have enough shelters. Her family didn’t have enough time for them to run to the nearest shelter.

She Laesser said, “Ukraine was a peaceful country. We weren’t prepared for war.”